self sufficiency pamphlet, a common guide for living


~an info packed guide on housing water food health & other random stuff * living as though the system is down & falling~

Grassroots Political Militants


French cities burst back into flames after President Sarkozy’s election on a ‘clean the scum off the streets with a high-pressure hose’ ticket. It won’t be the last time, as long as the factors necessitating the mass revolt of November 2005 remain in place, in France and elsewhere. This text, based on Emilio Quadrelli’s interviews in the Paris banlieues during and after the 2005 events, overthrows the whole spectrum of slurs against the racialised, pathologised racaille.  read more »

Info Usurpa #2


Rozsah tohoto čísla zpravodaje je 6xA5, najdete tu dlouhý text o Miladě, texty o útoku na DIY Guide, o nově vzniklém autonomním centru Cibulka, o Infokampani na severu, krátké postřehy ze zahraničí: rioty v Kodani, akce v Helsinkách, v Oslu nebo situace polského Rozbratu. V rubrice akce je program Milady a info o vaření FNB v Praze, Brně a v Hradci. Číslo uzavírá komix o psu Baskervillském.
Pro ty, kdo tisknou: strany 3 (s ležící kostrou) a 4 (nadpis Odjinud) jsou na malé A5, která je vložená uvnitř Info Usurpa (A4).

Squat Zine


Cracking the System


cracking the system - a zine inspired by the april2008 initiative

what links a bomb shelter in russia, a shop in the netherlands, a monumental building in germany, a house in geneva, a villa in greece?

the squatting movement, that's what! all over the world people squat to create residential and social space. in europe, despite increasing repression, autonomous centres still exist in many places and even more are being born.  read more »

Obsadíme Europskou pevnost


Obsadíme pevnost Evropa: evropské squaty a autonomní prostory  read more »

You Can't Vote Against a Yuppie Takeover


11" x 17"

Using Space


social centres
alternate modes of living

Using Space #2


a zine about squatting, social centres and alternative ways of living

Squating v Západnom Berlíne


História Berlínskeho squaterského hnutia
Hooligan Press

Squatters Handbook


"Political Squatting Tips"
by Homes Not Jails

Living Without Permission


NYC Squatter rights zine

Download at:
http://zinelibrary.info/files/livingwithoutpermission.pdf (10.4 mb)

using space three


the third issue of "using space" - a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living.
this zine includes:

  • the yin and yang of the elf experiment (the story of a big squat in amsterdam)
  • maelstrom - the story so far (the beginnings of a social centre in leeds)
  • thoughts on the future of squatting (in the netherlands)

it was published august 2007 and is A5, 24 pages
this pdf document can be printed "as is", double-sided, then folded once to make the zine  read more »

Fight for Housing Heats up in Canada, The


by George Sweetman



We don't want you to take care of us, we just want you to let us take care of ourselves

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