Save the Domes!



In 2011, Baggins End, also known as the Davis Domes – a community of 28 University of California, Davis students living in fourteen dome-shaped cottages amongst gardens and forests, faced one of the biggest challenges in their 40-year existence.  read more »

Vancouver Rape Relief Does Not Support All Survivors

Rape Relief Intervention Pamphlet-1.jpg

For a recap of the action where this pamphlet was distributed, see:


Playbook for Progressives: 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer


Playbook for Progressives: 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer by Eric Mann


Introduction ix
r 2 Roles of the Successful Organizer
I. The Foot Soldier 5
2. The Evangelist I I
3· The Recruiter IS
4. The Group Builder 27
s. The Strategist 3I  read more »

Survival Without Rent

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This is a classic zine about squatting.

brampton the good

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with prose and poetry TrollE glorifies, mythologizes, and vilifies the growing up, as seen through the framework of the suburban experience. subtle examinations on class, and assumptions of suburban life.

Publication Year:
Geographic Location:
Brampton, ON
Number of Pages:
Physical Description:
Quarter sized

Community How To ~2nd Year Edition~ February 22 2012

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Community How To
~2nd Year Edition~

Community theory, communication, and ideas and resources for starting a community with the Lorax Manner Student Cooperative in Eugene, Oregon, as a case study.  read more »

The New Age of Sail by Dmitry Orlov

A sailboat is not the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating the range of useful responses to the set of intractable global problems that confront us. Nor the second. But once it does, a bit of further study makes it apparent that few things will possess greater long-term utility in the changed circumstances we should all be expecting.  read more »

Subversion of Politics, The : European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life by Katsiaficas

The Subversion of Politics

Since the modern anti-globalization movement kicked off with the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, a new generation has been engaging in anti-capitalist direct action. Its aims, politics, lifestyles, and tactics grow directly out of the autonomous social movements that emerged in Europe from the 1970s through the mid-1990s.  read more »

We Knew it Would Happen #OccupyOakland


At the time of this writing I am filled with rage. Occupy Oakland, on its second week, was raided by an overwhelming force of approximately 800 police in riot gear. I was there, ready to defend when police from all entrances to Oscar Grant Plaza rushed in with sticks and began beating people. Their tactics were simple but effective: rush in with overwhelming numbers and push out those that intended to stay for a fight, slowly crush resilience of those who took up the tactic of civil disobedience by linking arms and protecting the camp. They beat people with sticks, shot people with rubber bullets, obliterated ear-drums with flash-bang grenades, and choked them with tear gas.

Build Your Own Solidarity Network (expanded)


The expanded guide includes two additional sections: "Why You Should Start a Solidarity Network" and "Interview With SeaSol". Also, A4 format has been added.

The original is here: http://zinelibrary.info/build-your-own-solidarity-network

Build Your Own Solidarity Network


A guide to building a successful solidarity network along the lines of the Seattle Solidarity Network, written by two SeaSol organisers.

Organise a Community Union: Beyond Resistance (NZ)


Zine produced in response to the Christchurch Earthquake of February 22, 2011. While focused on this event there are valuable ideas for any community organizer.

Unequal Streets, The


Exploring homelessness through the words of homeless persons. A welcome relief from the outward, paternalistic discussion of homelessness we're used to.

We House, You are Housed, They are Homeless


by Colin Ward

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