Apontamentos sobre a necessidade e o desejo de atear fogo à pós-modernidade

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"Apontamentos sobre a necessidade e o desejo de atear fogo à pós-modernidade" do Taller de investigaciones subversivas UHP

Social Work Activist Reader #2

The Social Work Activist Reader is a community-based, grass-roots commitment to radical social work activism, where street-level practitioners and humyn service workers have a voice and forum to shape and grow our practice in ways that honor our commitment to justice.  read more »

A Winter First Aid Guide for Occupiers (Written by Anarchist Medic)

As various OCCUPY sites enter the winter months, here is a collection of first aid tips for staying out in the cold weather and protesting safely. As an Anarchist, I wish to remain anonymous while sharing some important tips that could save some one's life or your own.

Why Bulimia Sucks

Physical copy to print, copy and fold.

A little zine about bulimia with all the information everyone should know before they're in therapy for it.

Plants Gone Wild: Redefining Ethical Wildcrafting

plants g wild-1.jpg

This brilliant zine presents a critique of wildcrafting (i.e. harvesting medicinal plants and herbs from the wild) that comes from a perspective rooted in decolonization and indigenous solidarity. It asks what ethical wildcrafting looks like for herbalists who are also settlers in North America.  read more »

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - A brief guide for injection drug users

Take Care of Yourself both pages-1.jpg

This is a booklet that has been put together by a group in Arizona who is concerned with the safety of intravenous drug users. The current laws in AZ make it illegal to exchange needles to prevent the spread of blood-borned diseases.  read more »

Social Work Activist Reader #1

SWAR Fall 2011 Issue 1-1.jpg

My own vision is one of deep commitment to anti-oppressive, justice-centered social work practice. Social workers committed to this philosophy must regularly ask ourselves how we resolve the inconsistencies between our commitment to social justice and our agreement to work within systems that often contribute to systemic inequity.  read more »

Worst, The Issue 2: Compilation Zine On Grief and Loss


The Worst is a compilation zine on grief, loss, death, and mourning in radical scenes -- how grief intersects with radical politics, how we can support those we know who have lost people dear to them, how we can support ourselves through the overwhelming emotions that accompany loss and mourning, how we can create room in radical scenes for people to grieve and still participate, how we cope and t  read more »

I Shouldn't have to Explain Why I'm Sober.

sober zine cover.jpg

Being sober in a culture that glorifies getting fucked up is hard enough, do you really have to ask "why?"

For sober and non-sober allies.

In printable format.

How to Put Together Your Own Consent Workshop

consent workshop zine-1.jpg

The full title of this zine is "How to Put Together Your Own Participatory, Community-Specific, Radical Consent Workshop." The zine offers a thorough blueprint for one kickass consent workshop. The zine was assembled by, and this workshop model was beta tested by, a Seattle University student group called Northwest Break the Silence.  read more »

From the Mouths of Wolves Bellowing Forth

From the Mouths of Wolves Bellowing Forth

This zine is a narrative account of being raped by my first ever girl-friend in middle school. It’s also a narrative of consent, lonliness, deconstructing child hood violence and abuse, redefining rape for a muggle culture, finding out what normalcy means to children, growing out of being shy and awkward, and empowering one’s self to reach past gushing wounds and continue resistance.  read more »

Counterbalance: Thoughts on Activism and Mental Health


This is a great zine that delves into all sorts of topics relating to activism and mental health (and, in particular, burnout). The central inquiry (serving as a sort of second subtitle) is "What sustains us?  read more »

America, Fuck Yeah De-Motivational Poster

America, Fuck Yeah! De-motivational Poster

When one finds an image of a privileged American walking his dog with an SUV, there's little one can do to avoid making a de-motivational poster.

Civilization McDonald's Kid De-Motivational Poster

Civilization McDonald's Kid De-motivational Poster

Part of a continuing series of anti-civ posters using dictionary definitions of civilization and shocking images to promote primitivist politics.

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