He Zhen and Anarcho-Feminism in China (Journal article)


He Zhen and Anarcho-Feminism in China by Peter Zarrow

Anarchist Feminist Response to the Woman Question 19th Century, The

Anarchist-Feminist Response to the Woman Question-1.jpg

The Anarchist-Feminist Response to the "Woman Question" in the Late Nineteenth-Century America by Margaret S. Marsh

Anarchism and the Politics of Sexuality in Early-Twentieth-Century Chile (journal article)

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From "La Mujer Esclava" to "La Mujer Limon": Anarchism and the Politics of Sexuality in Early-Twentieth-Century Chile by Elizabeth Quay Hutchinson

Spanish Anarchism and Women's Liberation (Journal article)

spanish anarchism and womens liberation-1.jpg

by Temma E. Kaplan. Contemporary History journal.

I Want a Twenty- Four-Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape


This essay was published in Andrea Dworkin’s book, "Letters from a War Zone: Writings 1976-1989". Andrea
Dworkin passed away on April 9th, 2005. Hopefully her militancy lives on, ‘till our sisters are free.


This was a speech given at the Midwest Regional  read more »

As If They Were Human: A Different Take on Perpetrator Accountability


This zine contains three articles by Tod Augusta-Scott, a social worker who works with men who have battered, abused, or used sexual violence. He has a novel approach to leading the men to take responsibility for their own actions and be accountable. This approach is based in challenging gender essentialism, listening to the men, and helping them develop new stories for their lives.  read more »

For My Sisters - And The Burden We Share


For My Sisters is a zine written by mothers experiencing incarceration in Vermont. The first issue "And The Burden We Share" was created during a 6-session workshop hosted by Kids-A-Part. To write to the authors, request printed copies, or any other concerns/questions about the zine please email

So You Want To Be An Ally!


This zine is a very basic guide to taking some very basic steps toward being a decent human being. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in anti-oppression, ending inequality, and allyship. (If you’re not interested in anti-oppression, ending inequality, or allyship [oof] then I would encourage you to read this anyway.  read more »

Sexuality as State Form


An essay bringing together anarchist and post-structuralist thought (esp Deleuze & Guattari) to question the very idea of 'sexual orientation.' It aims to make it clear why sexuality is an anarchist issue. Originally published as:

Heckert, Jamie (2011). "Sexuality as State Form" in D. Rousselle and S. Evren (eds.) Postanarchism: A Reader. Ann Arbor/London: Pluto Press.

Total Liberation #2


A biannual zine of vegan anarchy. Spring 2011

Download at: (22.4 mb)

Enemies | Rapists


Rapists, part 4 of the Enemies poster series from the Institute Experimental Freedom

From the opening paragraph:  read more »

Susan Stryker: The Surgeon Haunts My Dreams


by Susan Stryker

Black Kite Quarterly

Black Kite cover

Summer 2011 - The first issue of Black Kite Quarterly (previously Wai Quarterly), produced by Black Kite Press from Australia. This issue themed around 'making the world safer for wimmin'. email us:

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