It's Down to This: stories, critiques and ideas on community and collective response to sexual violence and accountability

This zine is a collection of stories, critiques and ideas reflecting on our experiences organizing around community and collective response to sexual violence, abuse and accountability.

Not Your Mom's Trans 101

Not Your Mom's Trans 101 - from

Not Your Mom's Trans 101

Not Your Mom's Trans 101 - from

The Transfeminist Manifesto

The Transfeminist Manifesto by Emi Koyama, 2000 with postface from 2003

Dan Savage Un-welcoming Party! Pamphlet

Dan Savage Un-welcoming Party

Radical queers and their allies came together to form an un-welcoming party for Dan Savage on January 21, 2012, outside the Vogue Theatre on unceded Coast Salish Territories. After successfully glitter-bombing Dan Savage outside the theater, the Homomilitia handed out over 200 pamphlets (each with a tiny glitter packet stapled inside!) to people attending the talk.  read more »

Communization and the Abolition of Gender

Communization and the Abolition of Gender by Maya Andrea Gonzalez from the book Communization and its Discontents: Contestation, Critique ...

Discussion on Theorie Communiste's treatment of gender.

TransParent Writings (issue #3)


This is my third issue. This format was really experimental, and a bit of a failure. So I scanned it as best as I could into a readable format. I am totally open to comments, suggestions, critique, and ideas.  read more »

I'm Not Getting Over It: A Personal Essay About Rape Culture

This is an essay I wrote to help me sort through my thoughts about rape, abuse, objectification, female self-hatred, street harassment and a few other things. It's based off of my own personal experiences as well as the stories of friends and family members.

On the recent occupations...

Occupy communique from the Baltimore Feminist Reading Group // Women and Trans* Conspiracy from Hell (W.A.T.C.H.)

TransParent Writings (issue #2)

This is the second issue of TransParent Writings. Explains the order of events.

TransParent Writings (issue #1)

I made this (my first zine ever) after a phone call with my mom about my daughter's gender identity. More issues to come, namely one that explains more of the back-story.

The Ascent The Descent

Issue 2, after The Swan the Vulture. Update on discussions with cis-male partner re: consent. Aftermath of intimate rape. Strategies of avoiding future fucked-up power dynamics in relationships and LIFE. Etc.

This PDF excludes centrefold drawing, 'cos I ain't got no scannnneeerrr. Sawrry.

Download PDF from this link:

Blurring Gender comic

blurring gender - updated-1.jpg

Blurring Gender is a comic zine that explains some basic gender theory and explores why all of us can and should be a part of queering gender.

To make the comic - print it double-sided and then cut in the middle to assemble it has a half page zine.


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