Student Life and Other Contradictions

An inqury into the value of modern education

Fight Standardized Testing

leave them blank

Schools No Longer


by Colin Ward

Recomposing The University

by Tizana Terranova and Marc Bousquet

This article appeard in the Summer 2004 issue of Mute Magazine 

On the Poverty of Student Life


considered in its economic, psychological, sexual, and particularly intellectual aspects with a modest proposal for its remedy

by the Situationist International andsome students at the University of Strassbourg


Published by Black and Red Detriot 2000 

This Is Not A Manifesto — Ideas Towards An Alternative Design Practice

Alternative Design Practice-1.jpg

Zine about the role of Graphic Design in Capitalism, and some possible alternatives towards a more libertarian/anarchist direction. Also includes a critique of The First Things First Manifesto of 2002. Produced by Garage Collective.

Natural Learning Winter 2008

Natural Learning Fall 2007

It's not books, nor high marks. What we lack is life.


2 Documents From the 1998 Student-Techer Tumult in Greece

Days of June 98': Days of Class Struggle in Greece


A Heavey Burden for Young Shoulders

Stop Paying for Shit


The college Edition:

A mini-manual of scams, cons and grifts to exploit higher education

by DIzzIE

Dezember 2006

Standardized Tests

Fight Standardized Tests

Leave Them Blank

using space three


the third issue of "using space" - a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living.
this zine includes:

  • the yin and yang of the elf experiment (the story of a big squat in amsterdam)
  • maelstrom - the story so far (the beginnings of a social centre in leeds)
  • thoughts on the future of squatting (in the netherlands)

it was published august 2007 and is A5, 24 pages
this pdf document can be printed "as is", double-sided, then folded once to make the zine  read more »

Dropping Out (for Students)

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