CrimethInc: C is for Capitalism


An excellent, easily understandable explanation of why capitalism makes both rich and poor people miserable. Includes a sketch of how non-capitalist relations might function.

Scanned and imposed from Days of War, Nights of Love - thanks to crimethinc for the original. Special thanks to for the last graphic. Print double sided, short edge binding. Grayscale, 7 sheets total. Created on February 9, 2009.

Their Passed-away Builders: The "Credit Crunch"


Written from a situationist perspective, the text examines the collapse of the neo-liberal variant of capitalism as a moment of choice. It looks at some of the factors that have bred submission to neo-liberalism, some of the mystifications that are now arising about the 'credit crunch', and some of the capitalist ideologies that may come to succeed neo-liberalism. It poses the question of who is to make the choice now before us: them or us?

The Really, Really Free Market: Instituting a Gift Economy


CrimethInc's article on the Really, Really Free Market, edited into zine format for distribution.

Punk Rock Finances


Punk Rock Finances - a zine about understanding our relationship to money and how we can survive in a capitalist system while making deliberate choices to involve ourselves in it as little as possible. Has info about working out your budget and finances, as well as living more cheaply and surviving with working as little as possible.

CRASH! A Look at Today's Financial Crisis in Plain English


An A4 flyer from Garage Collective (Aotearoa/NZ) on the financial crisis and it's effects in New Zealand. Includes a very basic run-down on shadow banking and other finance stuff.


portada crisi.jpg

Enric Duran, long involved with anti-capitalist struggles in Barcelona, has publically announced his robbery of 492,000 euros from 39 different banks, and gone into hiding.  read more »

In the U.S., Dreaming of Iraq


by George Caffentiz

Midnight Notes Collective 

Principles of Libertarian Economy


by Abraham Guillen

Translated by Jeff Stein 

Inefficiency of Capitalism, The


An Anarchist View

by Brian Oliver Sheppard


Bosses Need Us... We Don't Need Them


Common sense reasons for worker self-management

a Zabalaza Pamphlet 

Wage System, The -- Kropotkin


by Peter Kropotkin

What Is Capitalism?


by Scott Rittenhouse

Peoples' Global Action


we are everywhere

Why Freegan?


an attack on consuption

in defense of donuts

by Koala 

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