Richmond Really Really Free Market Flier


The Really Really Free Market takes place on the last Saturday of every month in Monroe Park, at the corner of Main and Laurel Streets in Richmond, Virginia.  read more »

Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos

Anarchy Works

(from the back of the book) Anarchism is the boldest of revolutionary social movements to emerge from the struggle against capitalism-it aims for a world free from all forms of domination and exploitation. But at its heart is a simple and convincing proposition: people know how to live their own lives and organize themselves better than any expert could.  read more »

What is Communism? A Libertarian Communist Future


by Jacobian

Workers’ Councils and the Economics of a Self-Managed Society


by Cornelius Castoriadis

What is Anarchist Communism? - Wayne Price


What is Anarchist-Communism?


by Toby

Participatory Society or Libertarian Communism? , A


a debate between the Project for Participatory Society and group.

Libertarian Communism - Puente


by Isaac Puente

Guerrilla Gardening -- Beneath the Concrete


The world bank turned upside down

Crazy Rasberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle


This miniscule manifesto is a reworking of Jayson Tx's older zine, entitled "When the ants stop marching one by one". As with my other zine "For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde!, a goblincore primer", this zine is kind of a joke. But, you know, not really. Crazy Rasberry Ants are a wonderful model for revolutionary struggle and change. Hopefully, with a touch of humor and a sense of deep gravity, this zine shows how and why.


90 Day Fire at Will: changes to employment law & what we can do to fight them (NZ)


90 Day Fire at Will: changes to employment law & what we can do to fight them (NZ). Ready to print A4 flyer.

Mapuche Solidarity Demo - Information Flier


August 12th is a call-out day for solidarity actions with Mapuche political prisoners, who are nearing the one-month mark of a hunger strike. This is a double-sided half sheet flier that could be useful to hand out at a demo or event. One side is background about the Mapuche conflict and the other side is a statement from the prisoners at El Manzano Prison in Conception.  read more »

Methods of Struggle: Anarcho-Syndicalist Tactics


The following text was written to help people discover, remind themselves or popularize the various syndicalist methods of struggle.

By an anarcho-syndicalist militant, CNT-AIT, 2006.
Translated by Cobbler and 888 for
Design by Jared Davidson.

Anrcho-Islam Ecosolidarity Sharia


I am always looking for a way to wake people up to the dead end path that they and their leaders are following. Christianity, the USA, Capitalism, New Age Selfishness, these all lead nowhere except to war and terrible
suffering. It is the way we think about problems that causes us to fail at being human and to support insane ideas, like economic growth, representative democracy and private cars, private property and international trade.

This is fiction, but so is everything that I have found in 30 years of research... stories... and most of them lead no where.  read more »

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