Ecology and Environment

Herbs for Trauma


A zine on herbal medicine for trauma, with a focus on sexual assault.  The middle page of the zine only takes up half a sheet; it's doubled here, so just cut it in half.

Down with Empire! Up With Spring!

Down with Empire! Up with Spring!

Down with Empire, Up with Spring
is a lucid account of the last 15 years of the ecological movement in Britain and the development of their tactics, strategies and vision. Pulled from the British ecological and anarchist journal Do or Die, this work is written in a candid and frank style.  read more »

Progress and Nuclear Power


The Destruction of the Continent and its Peoples

by Fredy Perlman

Fight Speciesism! #4


September issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news.

Fight Speciesism! #2

Solidarity Is A Weapon - Free Sean Kirtley

June 2008

Fight Speciesism! #3


The Solidarity Continues

July 2008

Brief History of Tre Arrow's Struggle to Save the Last Ancient Forests, A


& the FBI's Five Year Effort To Stop Him

Roadblock Report May 2008


Ecological Effects of Roads, The


by Reed Noss PHD

reprinted by Roadblock Earth First! (Bloomington, Indiana)

Download at: (7.95 mb)

Radical Ecology and Class Struggle: a Reconsideration


by Jeff Shantz

Toronto NEFAC 

Earth Warriors are OK


a resource guide for combating the Midwest Green Scare

Class and the Environmental Crisis


a South African Anarchist Pamphlet
Published by Zabalaza

Ecology and Class


-where there is brass, there is muck
by Anarchist Federation (UK)

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