Ecology and Environment

Solidarity is a Weapon


Political prisoner, prisoner of war and targeted activist support zine.

Summer 2009

Revolution and/or Insurrection: Some Thoughts on Tearing This Muthafucka Down


by Kevin Tucker
originally found in Species Traitor 2 (check that shit out)

reproduced by Wormwood 2009
make total destroy

Earth First Means Social War


Earth First Means Social War: Becoming an Anti-Capitalist Ecological Social Force

brought to you by some delinquents

Environmentalism Has Been Recycled


The living systems which support life on earth are in serious threat due to human activity. Scientists, activists and others have spent the past half-century screaming about this to seemingly deaf ears. Now, with the multiplying consequences of climate change (not to mention the massive poisoning and irradiation of the global environment) boiling up like stormclouds from the horizon, the “inconvenient truth” has become commonplace.  read more »

True Cost of Coal: Toxic Coal Waste 101


This zine includes:
-What is Sludge?
-Slurry Impoundments and Injections
-Ingredients & Side Effects
-The Ghosts of Disasters Past
-Marsh Fork Elementary
-Coal River Mountain
-Fly Ash: Post-Combustion Coal Waste
-TVA Disaster
-Fly Ash in Massachusetts
-Other Resources

WilderPress! Issue Zero (Call for Submissions)


This is the Call for Submissions for WilderPress!

Issue #1 PDF forthcoming...

self sufficiency pamphlet, a common guide for living


~an info packed guide on housing water food health & other random stuff * living as though the system is down & falling~

Industrial Society and Its Future: The Unabomber Manifesto


Ted Kaczynski's magnum opus, Industrial Society and Its Future, also titled The Unabomber's Manifesto. Discusses the failure of industrial civilization, rejects orthodox leftism, and provides a background for Kaczynski's bombing campaign.

Wreck of the Sea Venture, The


Ship wrecks, class struggle in the New World, anarcho-primitivism in the 1600s, utopia realized. Excerpted from The Many-Headed Hydra by Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker.

“What hath a more adamantine power to draw unto it the consent and attraction of the idle, untoward, and wretched number of the many than liberty and fullness of sensuality?”

Healing in the Woods Around Us


Healing in the Woods Around Us: Medicinal Plants for Mental Health Support. This zine focuses on medicinal plants that grow in the piedmont region of central North Carolina, United States, but most of them can be found or grown all over the place.

Edible Forest Gardening


A sustainable and productive way to grow healthy food

by Dave Sansone

Katarzis - Year of Resistance (2007)


Journal in English of the activities in year 2007 by the Bulgarian DIY collective Katarzis. Plus articles about the environmentalist problems in Bulgaria.
for contact:

Fight Speciesism! #7 - Out Now


January issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now.


- In Memory of Barry Horne
- NYSE:LSR Under Attack
- Hunt Sabbing News
- Mink Released
- Insurrection in Mexico
- Letter from Sean Kirtley
- Whalers On The Run
- Global Roundup
- Telmex Campaign
- Uprising in Greece

Dumpster Dive - Doing it, and doing it well


Dumpster Diving - Doing it and Doing it Well. A short zine with tips, etiquette, and suggestions about the practice of dumpster diving. Also discusses the issues of privilege and who has access to dumpsters, its effect on class struggle and creating a sustainable movement. It's brief and don't go too in depth, but has good info.

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