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World Without Sexual Assault: For A Community Response to Sexual Assault


This is the second newspaper put out by the World Without collective based out of Melbourne. Their new website, different from the one listed in the newspaper, will be though it is not yet online. World Without also runs a distro at, and they have an email address:

The newspaper has articles on topics like grieving and mourning, myths about sexual assault, restorative justice, consent, and support.

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Issue II


This is the second issue the Cloak & Dagger Compendium, an ongoing serial dedicated to exploring, teaching, and developing thieving skills and tools. This issue focuses entirely on the ancient and prestigious art of lockpicking! This zine intends to teach promising footpads how to bypass and defeat warded locks, pin-tumbler and wafer-tumbler locks, and tubular locks. This edition also contains information on making one's own skeleton keys and lockpicks from commonly scavengeable materials.

Easy Living! Vol. 1


EASY LIVING on the road! (aka: a bunch of stuff you can do at hotels while you are on the road!)

In this mini-zine you will find ways to get free breakfast, free internet and/or computer access, free household goods, and more.  read more »

Theory of the Derive


Theory of the Derive

by Guy Debord

"Making Prole Strolls a Threat Again" or something like that...

Touch Me and I'll Fucking Kill You.


we inspired by some real crazy bitchez.

Not Yr Cister Press

The Cloak & Dagger Compendium

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Volume 1 MK2 PRINT-1.jpg

This is the first issue in a series of zines concerning thieving skills! This issue contains information on the politics and ethics of theft, shoplifting, expropriation of capitalist goods, and dumpstering.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad


from Wikipedia April 2010

formatted by pirate press, Oly cascadia  read more »

folktales: paradise apocalypse

folktales2009 book-1.jpg

Folktales from past and future, as written by Tom Smith and Myra Eddy, plus others. Poetry, art, and stories.

An excerpt from the intro:  read more »

MIT Guide to Lockpicking


This classic text on picking locks and manufacturing the tools to do so is a must for all beginners. It is not specifically an anti-authoritarian or anarchic text, but the skills it imparts are amazingly valuable for all direct-action-oriented radical folks.

Contains info on pin and tumbler locks, waver locks (called "disk tumblers" in this zine), and briefly touches on tubular locks. Not a completely comprehensive guide, but essential for novices. Happy pickings!

Why We Still Have a Lot to Learn


by the Trapese collective out of the UK, this is a chapter on anarcho-education from their book "Do it yourself; a handbook for changing our world"

Barack Obama Made Me an Anarchist

whoever they vote for, we are ungovernable

february 2010: the story of my personal/political journey...

to read on your computer, download "obama made me an anarchist"

Becoming Riflemyn


A Do-It-Yourself guide on how to become a Riflemyn: A person capable of hitting 20" wide targets from 500 meters away with standard surplus rifles and open sights.

Community Bike Cart Design


april 12, 2005

by Aaron Wielder Forest

Download At: (7.7 mb)

Guide to Alternatives to Pesticides, A


Common Sense Gardening



What it is

How it is made

What it does

by H. H. Koepf

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