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TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - A brief guide for injection drug users

Take Care of Yourself both pages-1.jpg

This is a booklet that has been put together by a group in Arizona who is concerned with the safety of intravenous drug users. The current laws in AZ make it illegal to exchange needles to prevent the spread of blood-borned diseases.  read more »

Potions Master: A quick and dirty look at Integrated Pest Management


A quick and dirty look at Integrated Pest Management

Gatitos y Burritos vol.3


What may be the last of the series, Gatitos y burritos returns with two completed puzzles and more ridiculousness. It is highly suggested you print this and when finished reading pass it off to the nearest unattended child.

Open Minds #1


What you have in your hands is a collective zine that is meant to raise public awareness and also give the opportunity to anyone who wants to participate, share knowledge, personal experience or even get in touch with each other but specially get to you the reader. Why?  read more »

Build Your Own Solidarity Network (expanded)


The expanded guide includes two additional sections: "Why You Should Start a Solidarity Network" and "Interview With SeaSol". Also, A4 format has been added.

The original is here:

Adventures of Honest Girl, The #1


The Adventures of Honest Girl is a new series of zine comics created to discuss issues of equality and humanity, believing that issues between members of our species, whether they are public or personal, can be solved and made better by beginning to be honest with ourselves and others, hoping that in becoming more open, we are able to accept ourselves and others.  read more »

Hot-N-Dirty Oven Lovin': A guide to building your own Outdoor Earth Oven

Oven Cover

A step-by-step guide to building an outdoor "cob" earth baking oven. This is an easy way to get to know some natural building principals and materials by making a wood-fired oven. All you need are a few scavenged materials and some friends to help you build. Actually, you don't even need the friends...

Gatitos y Burritos vol.2


Gatitos y Burritos returns with a vengeance (kind of like when you break down and eat anything from Taco Hell). This issue is full of quizzes, breakfast burritos and Catwoman vs. Burritowoman. This zine was made by Gloria Bestefan of the recently deceased Chavez Co-op. Long Live the Chavez Co-op!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, e-mail me:  read more »

Gatitos y Burritos vol.1


Cats and burritos- Think about it. When the revolution gets to stressful, or you're tired of your mom's oppressive couch, fall into a dream state of Cats, Burritos, and Burt Reynolds. This zine was made by Gloria Bestefan of the recently deceased Chavez Co-op. Long Live the Chavez Co-op!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, e-mail me:  read more »

Worst, The Issue 2: Compilation Zine On Grief and Loss


The Worst is a compilation zine on grief, loss, death, and mourning in radical scenes -- how grief intersects with radical politics, how we can support those we know who have lost people dear to them, how we can support ourselves through the overwhelming emotions that accompany loss and mourning, how we can create room in radical scenes for people to grieve and still participate, how we cope and t  read more »

Make Your Own Portable Sound System

DIY Portable Sound Systems

This zine provides how-to instructions for constructing a basic, low-cost, highly portable (as in sling it over your shoulder) sound system for demos, parties, or whatever. A tried and tested method, but it surely could be vastly improved upon as the author is not an expert. This zine is excerpted from the Engineering Social Justice and Peace zine, (Re)Construct Vol.  read more »

Build Your Own Solidarity Network


A guide to building a successful solidarity network along the lines of the Seattle Solidarity Network, written by two SeaSol organisers.

How to Put Together Your Own Consent Workshop

consent workshop zine-1.jpg

The full title of this zine is "How to Put Together Your Own Participatory, Community-Specific, Radical Consent Workshop." The zine offers a thorough blueprint for one kickass consent workshop. The zine was assembled by, and this workshop model was beta tested by, a Seattle University student group called Northwest Break the Silence.  read more »

Pataphysical Vibrations Issue 2 "Summer in the Light and Winter in the Shade"

Helleborus orientalis

This second time around we created an open invitation for the public to submit writings, pictures, and music in the theme of "Spring". We took the title, "Summer in the Light and Winter in the Shade" from a quotation by Charles Dickens as it neatly and very nicely captures the season.  read more »

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