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Occupation Guide Redux

Job Journal

A job journal anyone can print out and use to record what happens at work.

Depth Charge Media PrezeNts: Orrior Comix: Comix Duel Invite to Zig Zag

This zine was originally self-published (in a very small circulation, under 50) with the intention to challenge Zig Zag of Zig Zag Comix, to a "comix duel", due to two things: One, his perpetuation of colonial paradigms of violent reaction to aggression, and two, to challenge a prevailing concept, if I remember right, of his and the canadian Native Youth Movement's perpetuation of a 'character ass  read more »

Zine Esgurmitado de Marmitex Edição 06/2012

 read more »

a3yo - balkan zine summer 2011

stories from istanbul, bulgaria noborder, lgbt in ex-yugoslavia, antiziganism, travel stories, ...

a3yo #1 belarus

content of the zine (partly english, partly german):

* anarchist and related initiatives from belarus

* food not bombs in minsk

* preperation for the "chernobyl path" demonstration

* jewish life in belarus under german nazi occupation in second worldwar

* punk rock in gomel and grodno

* critical mass in minsk

* chernobyl anniversary in belarus  read more »

Gramsci Is Dead: Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movements by Richard J. F. Day

Gramsci Is Dead - Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movements

Gramsci and the concept of hegemony cast a long shadow over radical political theory. Yet how far has this theory got us? Is it still central to feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anarchism, and other radical social movements today?  read more »

Homes Not Jails: Issue 1

Homes Not Jails: Issue 1

Issue 1
A brief introduction to squatting, with tips on how to identify vacant housing, and open and maintain a squat.

Urban Survival

An important manual

This book maybe copyrighted.

How to Start and Train a Militia


An important manual I've came across
Personally I have begun building one, just in case.

This material maybe copyrighted.

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