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ALLBLAQ! by Barely Free

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Another song off of Barely Free's Three Pounds of Flax EP1, the first of a 9-EP series. This one's pretty much just our experiences at a Black Bloc in St. Louis, MO.

Prison Abolitionist, The : Volume 1-3

ZINE 01.jpg

This is Volumes 1-3 of the Prison Abolitionist centered in Richmond, VA. We focus mainly on issues surrounding the oppressive institution of the prison industrial complex. This is an 8 page zine that is easily printed, folded and cut. Great to just stick in your pocket for great reference!


Promises And Pitfalls of Privilege Politics, The


Put together by some anti-state pro-revolutionaries for a workshop panel discussion at the 2012 NYC Anarchist Bookfair.

Fight To Win

This includes an essay by John Clarke of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and an article that is reprinted from Organize! (a french anarcho-communist magazine). Each essay decribes in detail how militant anti-poverty organizations have been built, and what tactics they found to be effective. It's good stuff.

Nothing In Common, An Oral History of IWW Strikes from 1972 - 1991



May Day Hype Issue: The Peak

May Day Issue of the Peak

From:  read more »

Table of Contents:

  • The First of May and the General Mother Earth (Mag.)
  • Memory as a Anonymous
  • Fallen Anonymous

Killing King Abacus nos. 1 & 2

Killing King Abacus 1-1.jpg

Full .pdf scans of issues #1 and 2 of Killing King Abacus, an insurrectionary anarchist journal from the earrrly 2000s.  read more »

Rebellion Against Infrastructure


A suite of texts from issues #1 and #2 of A Murder of Crows. Together, they lay out a an insurrectional anarchist strategy for opposing capitalist planning not with the specialized tools of Earth First! style protest, but the potential of generalized rebellion.  read more »

Yes, this is a strike! Yes, this is class war!


From winter 2012 Quebec student strike & struggle. This flyer comes from McGill University.

brampton the good

brampton the good-3.jpg

with prose and poetry TrollE glorifies, mythologizes, and vilifies the growing up, as seen through the framework of the suburban experience. subtle examinations on class, and assumptions of suburban life.

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Brampton, ON
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Quarter sized

God Only Knows What Devils We Are | IEF


From the Introduction (courtesy of Crimethinc)  read more »

2.4 km in 12 min

"A war is run.
We run, both in offense and defense.
When you can't run, it's time to die."
-Seven Samurai

Winter is waning and spring will be a scorcher. And it's not just global
warming. People all around the globe are fired-up and looking to create a
better future. Are you and your affinity group ready for the warm, sunny days
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