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Dismantling the Master's House: excerpts on gender and work from The Housing Monster


Is your workplace or union dominated by the same old patriarchal bullshit? Do your "comrades" have no idea what feminism has to do with organizing? Are you trying to learn more about how sexism and capitalism are entangled? Here are two chapters on gender and work from The Housing Monster, for your printing and distroing convenience.  read more »

American Apparel Stickers


Sticker sheet!


Dov Charney, American Apparel CEO
Rapist Piece of Shit

BEWARE Dov Charney, Rapist Piece of Shit, American Apparel CEO




Lies: a journal of materialist feminism Volume 1, 2012


LIES is a new journal spearheaded by a feminist collective based in Oakland, Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York City.

LIES is a communist journal against communists.

LIES is a platform for certain conversations and critiques that are difficult, impossible or dangerous if cis men are in the room.  read more »

Fire and Flames: A History of the German Autonomist Movement by Geronimo

Fire and Flames - A History of the German Autonomist Movement

The history of the German autonomous anticapitalist movement is traced back to the 1970s in this firsthand account. Battling police in riot gear, the early members of the autonomous movement used military tactics that included barricading and hurling Molotov cocktails in protest.  read more »

Trangressive Ability

In my own words, I explain how society treats men like we're disabled women and how to fight back at those stigmas. I think it is reasonable to offer my discourse as well.

Remembrance, Revenge, Revolt (updated)

On Transgender Day of Remembrance
Baltimore, 2012

Gruß an unsere Freund_innen und Genoss_innen Hafenstraße 09.11.2012

Gruß an unsere Freund_innen und Genoss_innen – die heute nicht unter uns sein können – auf der Abschlußkundgebung der Demonstration „ Mietenwahnsinn stoppen“ und im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „25 Jahre Barrikadentage“ am 10. Nov. 2012 vor den ehemals besetzten Häusern in der Hafenstraße.

Hafenstrasse - Hier spricht ein ehemaliger Hausbesetzer!

Im November 1987 stand Hamburg kopf: Um die Hafenstraße wurden nachts Barrikaden errichtet, bürgerkriegsähnliche Zustände drohten. Volker G. (48), heute Familienvater, Bautechniker und Hostel-Betreiber auf St. Pauli, war damals einer der Hausbesetzer. Erstmals schildert ein Ex-Bewohner die Ereignisse aus seiner Sicht – ein subjektives Interview.

Krawall fuer ein anderes Leben

Hafenstraße-Krawall für ein anderes Leben

Marxism and Native Americans edited by Ward Churchill

Marxism and Native Americans

In a unique format of intellectual challenge and counter-challenge prominent Native Americans and Marxists debate the viability of Marxism and the prevalence of ethnocentric bias in politics, culture, and social theory.  read more »

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