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Class Struggle

Perspectives from the Barcelona Assembly Movement


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Texts against consensus, democracy and reformism. Imposed for printing.

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Capitalism Class, & Class Struggle for (ex) Dummies


A brief introduction to capitalism, class, and class struggle. Downloadable, ready-to-print PDF adapted from's introductions. Includes graphics.

*a section on unwaged work has been added.

Jared Davidson

We Knew it Would Happen #OccupyOakland


At the time of this writing I am filled with rage. Occupy Oakland, on its second week, was raided by an overwhelming force of approximately 800 police in riot gear. I was there, ready to defend when police from all entrances to Oscar Grant Plaza rushed in with sticks and began beating people. Their tactics were simple but effective: rush in with overwhelming numbers and push out those that intended to stay for a fight, slowly crush resilience of those who took up the tactic of civil disobedience by linking arms and protecting the camp. They beat people with sticks, shot people with rubber bullets, obliterated ear-drums with flash-bang grenades, and choked them with tear gas.

Problem/Solution: insurrectional OWS text


THE PROBLEM.  read more »

On The Recent #Occupations: A Communique from the Women and Trans* Conspiracy from Hell

communique final-1.jpg


from the zine:  read more »

Something changed: One extremist's thoughts on twelve unquiet months

Something Changed cover

The texts in this collection were all originally written for the Cautiously Pessimistic blog hosted at between October 2010 and September 2011. Quite a lot happened during that time.  read more »

ChimpanZine, The #7


The ChimpanZine #7

-I Want My Buzz Word Back (In Defense of Sustainability)

-Money and Middle-Men

Ignite! #2 October 2011


October’s Ignite! #2 has hit the streets! Featuring reporting on the upcoming O22 demonstrations, legal victories, local news about prison slave labor, nefarious police stings, the Black Mesa indigenous solidarity caravan, #occupydenver and plenty more. We are happy to say that Ignite! #2 is four pages longer than our first issue.  read more »

Sie waren die Terroristen der Roten Brigaden

Brigate Rosse

Trotz des albernen Titels eine spannende Dokumentation auf Arte.
Einige Rotbrigadisten der Gründergeneration reden über die Geschichte und
Vorgeschichte der Roten Brigaden, unter anderen auch Mario Moretti.

Wählen führt zu nichts - Wir schießen!  read more »

Gustav Landauer - Revolution and Other Writings: A Political Reader

Revolution and Other Writings (Gustav Landauer)

The first comprehensive collection of Gustav Landauer’s writings in English, this valuable addition to the history of anarchism in the early 20th century gathers more than 40 influential works by one of Germany’s most prominent radical agitators.  read more »

To Libertarians (a much nicer version)


"Organizations pass, but subversion will never stop being loved."

A great text about prisoners and solidarity, released under the moniker "International Friends" in August 1980 and currently attributed to that Debord guy. Signed by 25,000 people upon it's release, it plead for the release of Basque political prisoners in the spirit of revolutionary solidarity.  read more »

Steve Biko am 12. September 1977 gestorben

Steve Biko

Steve Biko – Biografie

Frühe Jahre

Am 18. Dezember 1946 wurde Bantu Steve Biko in King Williams Town, als drittes Kind von Mathew Mzingaye und Alice Nokuzola, geboren.

Er besuchte die Grundschule in King Williams Town und die weiterführende Missionarsschule Marianhill in Natal. Biko schreibt sich 1966 für Medizin in der schwarzen Abteilung der Universität von Natal ein.  read more »

Mai 68 - Die Subversion der Beleidigten

Paris Mai 68

Dies ist ein Augenzeugenbericht aus dem Zeitraum zweier Wochen Paris im Mai 1968. Er gibt das wieder, was eine einzelne Person in einer kurzen Periode sah, hörte und entdeckte. Der Bericht erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Er wurde in Eile geschrieben und hergestellt; sein Anspruch ist eher die Information als die Analyse - vor allem schnell zu informieren.  read more »

Build Your Own Solidarity Network (expanded)


The expanded guide includes two additional sections: "Why You Should Start a Solidarity Network" and "Interview With SeaSol". Also, A4 format has been added.

The original is here:

Hatred of Capitalism


A Semiotext(e) READER

EEdited by Chris Kraus and Sylvere Lotringer


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Page 3

Hatred of Capitalism

Page 4  read more »

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