public spaces, spring:summer 2005

ps, spring/summer 2005 cover

public spaces is a seasonal review from paradise 29 artel. p29a is the inevitable result of the claim to space made by you, a growing number of economically-bound crafts people, creative expressionists, free-thinkers/feelers, and the like.  read more »

most beautiful word in the english language is... resist


poems by ellen marie hinchcliffe

exquisite corpus and songnet, 2009

2009 cover

exquisite corpus and songnet are part of an ongoing collaborative poetry project. the first edition was published in 2009 as a bilingual edition in english and spanish. there were contributions from five people.

works from this project will be published in hard copy and online periodically. please send comments and suggestions to:

peace <3

a free spirit can only exist in a freed body
--duncan school banner

Future Fantasteek! #7


Fiddle. Your. Expenses.

July 2009

Funboat diplomacy


'Funboat diplomacy' is a short satirical fact/fiction about the UK government's latest proposals to counter Internet piracy. This work builds on some of the rumours that were flying around the story.

Format: PDF booklet
Dave Miller (Summer 2009)

Escapism has its price, The artist has his income

Non Fides N°4

This text about art and artists comes from Non Fides; N°4, an aperiodic anarchist journal from France. Check it out.

Social War.


Pechyvo #1

It is a literary-graphic almanac.
Languages are ukrainian, russian and english,
but the main language, by the way the oldest language of civilisation is a graphic.
You can download 10 issues at

Ready-Made Artist and Human Strike


Claire Fontaine is a Paris-based collective artist, founded in 2004. After lifting her name from a popular brand of school notebooks, Claire Fontaine declared herself a "readymade artist"...a whatever-singularity and an existential terrorist in search of subjective emancipation. She grows up among the ruins of the notion of authorship, experimenting with collective protocols of production, détournements, and the production of various devices for the sharing of intellectual and private property.

Claire Fontaine also has very close connections to TIQQUN.  read more »

Angel of Chaos

Angel of Chaos

A pen and ink illustration of a mohawked female punk angel welding a flaming molotov and brandishing the shield of chaos.

Society of the Spectacle


A new reprint of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle. Now made with a fancy hipster design for all your aesthetic needs.

From the Institute for Experimental Freedom

Sweet Angel, Suicide Kiss


by Lola Batling
Now with more blood and indie rockers! Sweet Angel, Suicide Kiss is the story of a young girl named Angel. Just your average 17 year old with average troubles and average motivations. The only difference is, she just killed her parents which has turned her world upside down. In more ways than one. Through the bloody event she learns some shocking things about her past and just how that will impact her future.

How To?


From Punk To Proudhon? A brief history of Garage Collective

Punk to Proudhon cover.jpg

Follow up to 'This is not a manifesto — towards an alternative design practice', this is a 2 page, double-sided zine on art, design and the ideas of Garage Collective. Mainly deals with the idea of cultural agitation and alternative practices.

This Is Not A Manifesto — Ideas Towards An Alternative Design Practice

Alternative Design Practice-1.jpg

Zine about the role of Graphic Design in Capitalism, and some possible alternatives towards a more libertarian/anarchist direction. Also includes a critique of The First Things First Manifesto of 2002. Produced by Garage Collective.

I'd Only Sell Myself to the Sidewalk


a bit about art in our world
by the Black Lobster Collaboration
Feb 2007

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