RIVET 4 — The 'Art' Issue: Ideas on artistic praxis and anti-art

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Garage Collective presents the fourth and final installment of RIVET, with a special focus on ideas around 'art'. Filled with the usual graphics, quotes and opinion you'd expect from someone with complete control of the production process...  read more »

Mentally Ill

Mentally Ill

Sometimes Things Get Confusing When You're Mentally Ill is a brief comix history of a revolutionary activist's struggles with depression, PTSD, abuse, marriage and fatherhood, recovery and struggling to reclaim a sense of self. It's cartoony but not light hearted. There is lots of potentially triggering stuff here. Consider yourself warned.  read more »

What is Government?


by Little Miss Negativity

(I think this may be the cover to the zine) 

Work Community Politics War

Sad Tale of Parting, A


Fuera Ulises!


a graphic account from Oaxaca
by Ana Nimo

Living in an Election Year


a cartoon manifesto by Midwest Unrest

Down and Out in Berkeley and Oakland


by Moby

Spring 1994

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