Nationalism and Culture by Rudolf Rocker


Rudolf Rockers classic on the State's impact on culture and culture's autonomy from the State. Unfortunately it is abridged not containing several chapters from the end of the book. I have never seen the missing chapters in English -- anyone who has em post them please!

Against Nationalism


by Anarchist Federation

How The Tea Party Organize: FreedomWorks Grassroots Activism Toolkit


Know your enemy.

Crazy Rasberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle


This miniscule manifesto is a reworking of Jayson Tx's older zine, entitled "When the ants stop marching one by one". As with my other zine "For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde!, a goblincore primer", this zine is kind of a joke. But, you know, not really. Crazy Rasberry Ants are a wonderful model for revolutionary struggle and change. Hopefully, with a touch of humor and a sense of deep gravity, this zine shows how and why.


On the Concept of History / Theological-Political Fragment


Walter Benjamin's seminal “On the Concept of History” and “Theological-Political Fragment” typeset for easy reading.

South Side Chicago ARA Zine July 31, 2010


This zine documents some of the work we’ve been up to so far in the first year of South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action and was prepared for the July 31 2010 Day of Action Against Racism and Fascism. We hope that this publication will start a larger discussion in strategizing ways we can more effectively combat all forms of oppression in our city.

South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action
southsidechicagoara at hushmail dot com  read more »

Beating Fascism: Anarchist Anti-Fascism in Theory and Practice


Beating Fascism: Anarchist Anti-Fascism in Theory and Practice
Edited by Anna Key

A collection of essays analyzing anti-fascist movements in Italy, Germany, the UK, Toronto, and Chicago

Reposted by South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action
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Chicago Anti-Racist Action Zine Archive


South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action is making available several old-school ARA zines published many years ago by Chicago ARA.


ARA Research Bulletin #1 May 2001 (No Tears for the Nazis, No Support for the State, The Enemy of Our Enemy: the Southern Poverty Law Center “Badjackets” Anarchists, The Third Position, The New Face of Resistance: White Music for White Sheep, Hale and Brimstone, and News from the Front Lines)  read more »

luce irigaray - when our lips speak together

lips imposed-1.jpg

"Let’s hurry and invent our own phrases. So that everywhere and always we can continue to embrace. We are so subtle that nothing can stand in our way, nothing can stop us from reaching each other, even fleetingly, if we can find means of communication that have our density. We shall pass imperceptibly through every barrier, unharmed, to find each other. No one will see a thing."

gilles deleuze - humor, irony, and the law


"While the sadian hero subverts the law, the masochist should not by contrast be regarded as gladly submitting to it. The element of contempt in the submission of the masochist has often been emphasized: his apparent obedience conceals a criticism and a provocation. He simply attacks the law on another flank."

They Are All Christopher Humphreys (PDX anti-cop flyer)

they are all CH.jpg

This is a little flyer put together by some Portland anarchists who are tired of the sentiment that the Portland Police department is afflicted with some "bad apples". Pretty insular and PDX-specific, but makes clear that all cops are bad cops.

Calling All Rebels


"There are no constraints left to halt America’s slide into a totalitarian capitalism. Electoral politics are a sham. The media have been debased and defanged by corporate owners. The working class has been impoverished and is now being plunged into profound despair. The legal system has been corrupted to serve corporate interests. Popular institutions, from labor unions to political parties, have been destroyed or emasculated by corporate power.  read more »

Divorce of Thought from Deed, The


The Divorce of Thought from deed is a compilation of writing about social conflict, white supremacy, and the mythology of free speech at UNC-Chapel Hill. Three of the writings are pulled from Rolling Thunder #9, with the fourth being a piece that was written and distributed toward the end of the campaign against Youth for Western Civilization in fall 2009. They would be particularly useful for people engaged in anti-racist or immigrant solidarity work of any kind, as well folks interested in reading about anarchist perspectives on "free speech."

NAZIS and POLICE in Portland, Oregon, January 2010 edition

NAZI COP 2010 booklet-1.jpg

"NAZIS and POLICE in Portland, Oregon" is a short article about the overlapping racism of the Portland police department and nazi organizations. Portland has a long history of racist cops and a long history of nazi scumbags.

Recently, Portland police's Mark Kruger was promoted to the rank of captain, in spite of his publicly known interest in nazism and his repeated violent offenses against non-violent protesters.  read more »

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