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Anarchist History

Disorderly Conduct #6


winter-spring 2003

revoltingly yours by the "bring on the ruckus society"

Download at: (25.6 mb)

Disorderly Conduct #3


an insurrectionary green-anarchist quarterly

Download at: (15.6 mb)

Revolt #8


The coming of a new dawn

Revolt!: A Journal of Anarchy and Rebellion Issue #8

late Spring/ early Summer 1999

We Are Winning


ACME collective communique from the 1999 Seattle WTO protests

Disorderly Conduct


summer 2000

Day When Nothing is Certain, A


writings on the Greek insurrection

Day Mournful and Overcast, A


by an "uncontrollable" from the iron column.

Personal Recollections of the Anarchist Past


by George Cores

Santos -- The Barcelona of Brazil


anarchism and class struggle in a port city

Kate Sharpley Library 2005

Non Fides N°4


Here is the electronic version (PDF) of the latest issue of Non Fides, a periodical anarchist journal from Paris, France.

download: (48.3 mb)

How is it to be done? - Zine- (Tiqqun)

Tiqqun - How is it to be done - English (imposed version)-1.jpg

a translation originally appearing on the Tarnac 9 blog, but which has since been removed. this is the imposed pdf intended for printing.

note: this is a draft translation. if you can read French, you should really rely on the original, as, although decent overall, this translation loses some subtleties in the language (e.g. the use of "écart", or the impersonal pronoun "on" which is hard to translate, and so on).

the text addresses issues such as their notion of 'human strike', of 'whatever singularity', of the difference between individuality and the common, and so on.

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