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RockPaperScissors - Issue 6


RockPaperScissors - Issue 6

| Curiously collaborative | Indignantly Independent | Disgustingly DIY |

Where helpful opinions flourish, useless points of view come to die, and where we stand for what we believe until, or unless, life shows us to believe otherwise. Bringing you views, news and reviews from across the globe.  read more »

Blocage, Occupation, Grève sauvage : un recueil de connaissance tactique pour é et autres



La formation de bandes : Une tactique dans le but d’accroître nos forces et notre autonomie
Occupation: un guide Do-It-Yourself
Les universités comme espaces de subversion
Culture de la sécurité
Conseils pour les manifestations
Pourquoi porter un masque?
Les bombes de peinture
Lectures supplémentaires

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back: a collection of tactical knowledge for students and others



The Formation of Crews: A Tactic in Expanding Our Strength and Autonomy
Occupation: a do-it-yourself guide
Universities as Spaces of Subversion
Security Awareness
Street Demonstration Tips
Why Wear a Mask?
Paint Bombs
Further Reading

Scoundrel, The #2

The Scoundrel #2, Mar 2012

The March edition of The Scoundrel is out now, taking on the age of austerity, the cult of white victimhood and encouraging radical refusal. There’s also a feature on the militant feminist anti-imperialist movement, Rote Zora, whose actions inspire us to dust off our incendiary devices.  read more »

Jacques Camatte - The Wandering of Humanity


We made this oldie reaaal pretty this go 'round.
Wormwood Press

Pierre Clastres - Society Against the State


Pierre Clastres - Society Against the State
Wormwood Press

Georges Bataille - The Sacred Conspiracy


Georges Bataille - The Sacred Conspiracy
Wormwood Press

Blocs, Black and Otherwise

Blocs, Black and Otherwise Cover

This is the classic "Blocs, Black and Otherwise" written by Crimethinc. It's a very good overview of how to organize and participate in a black bloc.

We couldn't find a PDF of it online, so we put this together. As a bonus, we added another piece titled "Fashion Tips for the Brave" that contains more suggestions on preserving anonymity within a black bloc.

With love,  read more »

Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

Cover: Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

This zine contains a wealth of helpful suggestions for anarchists living in small towns who want to create anarchy. Topics covered include finding other anarchists, deciding on what projects to work on, figuring out how to relate to liberals, and doing a distro--this zine is full of good ideas and advice.  read more »

Liminal No. 2


Green anarchy journal. Various writings and art including fiction and original and republished or updated essays. Anticopyright.

six letters addressed to you


First published in 2010 this zine is composed of six handwritten letters addressed to unnamed recipients on a variety of topics ranging from Machiavelli and loneliness to Christianity and nature to addiction and unhealthy relationships to anarchy and nihilism to animals at the zoo to love and friendship.

Come on, friends - to the barricades again


Montreal based poster.

The soldiers with their specialists, and the pigs with their guns, cannot stop, the lost ones and the desperate ones, and the driven ones.

Peter Kropotkin - Modern Science & Anarchism


Modern Science and Anarchism by Peter Kropotkin

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