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Public Contraband 2

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This zine is made in the midwest to reflect local issues and those at the state and national level, although some of the contributors envision a world free of such divisions, information is key. It exists to strengthen and expand the radical community in Kalamazoo and to meet folks in other places with similar ideas and goals.

Letter to the anarchist galaxy


A recent text (November 2011) critiquing moves towards armed-struggle-ism and military formations, from within the insurrectionist current.The text is online here, among other places. This is a simply-formatted zine for printing.



GLAMARCHY NOW! 1st & only edition: MASTURBATE YOUR MIND - created by Queer & Trans POC activists @ UC Davis in 2010

About the Caseroleurs


Debunking myths about Quebec Protests


Kingston Casserole tri-fold flyer

I want to let you in...

patrokolosshower.jpg the shower of my heart.

The second in a series of anarchist personal ads.

This is for my friend Bobby and five anarchists in Cleveland.

Subverts Unite! Issue No. 2

Subverts Unite is an anarcho-collectivist publishing conspiracy based in Tampa, Florida.  read more »

Subverts Unite!

Subverts Unite is an anarcho-collectivist publishing conspiracy based in Tampa, Florida.  read more »

Beyond Animal Liberation

This is a collection of writings that critique the animal liberation movement and the corresponding lifestyle choice, veganism. We have spent extensive time working within the animal liberation movement in North America and our critique is highly influenced by our personal experiences.  read more »

Marie Mason support zine for June11th, 2012


Marie Mason has been involved in both environmental and labor struggles, has edited many radical publications, and has been involved in water rights, anti-infrastructure, anti-logging and anti- development projects in the Midwest, organizing above ground and clandestinely for the past 30 years.  read more »

Eric McDavid support zine for June 11th, 2012


Eric McDavid is an environmental activist, a writer of zines, a sometimes-poet and an almost always magician. He is a son, a brother, and an uncle. He is an amazing partner (although, maybe the author is a bit biased). He also happens to be an anarchist political prisoner.

This is the new zine that was distributed on the Never Alone Tour in the lead up to June 11th 2012.

Radical Cheerbook

Radical Cheerbook

The Radical Cheerbook is a collection of cheers intended to be used by radical cheerleaders at anti-capitalist protests. Radical Cheerleading is a tactic aimed at bringing energy and excitement to what might otherwise be stale and boring protests. An old radical cheerleaders website describes it as "...Protest+Performance. It's activism with pom poms and middle fingers extended.  read more »

ALLBLAQ! by Barely Free

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Another song off of Barely Free's Three Pounds of Flax EP1, the first of a 9-EP series. This one's pretty much just our experiences at a Black Bloc in St. Louis, MO.

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