As Day Follows Night

As Day Follows Night: An Introduction to Prisoner Support

“Any political movement or peoples struggle, which
fails to provide support to fallen comrades, is
doomed to failure as certain as day follows night.”
-Harold H. Thompson
“Any political movement that does not support its
political internees is a sham movement!”
-Ojore Lutalo
“A movement that is not capable of looking after its
comrades in prison is destined to die, and that at a
high price under atrocious torture.”
- Daniela Carmignani
“The point is simple: no serious political struggle
which has any chance of attaining revolutionary
potential can afford to ignore its prisoners.”
-North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network

The Importance of Supporting Prisoners (page 3)
The Ins and Outs of Prisoner Support (page 5)
Writing to Prisoners (page 9)
Ways to Contribute to the Support of Prisoners (page 10)
Federal Prison 101 (page 13)
…A Challenge (page 17)
Revolutionary Solidarity (page 19)
Spirit of Freedom: Support the Eco-Prisoners (page 21)
An Interview with Grant Barnes (page 28)
Freedom for Marco Camenisch (page 30)
Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War (page 31)
Resources (page 66)

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