Day of Action on Food and Climate Change

06/03/2008 - 00:00
06/03/2008 - 23:59


Day of Action on Food and Climate Change

The Climate Action day that bites....

The kind of food we eat contributes up to a third of our greenhouse
emissions. It's about time for us to switch to plant based, organic,
seasonal and locally produced food.

Climate action starts on your dinner plate, in the supermarket, on your
allotment and in your back yard, in the food processing and distribution
centres, down on the farm, in your high street, at the airport and in the
lorry park.

Take action on 3rd June and help highlight the role of food and the food
industry in climate chaos.

Get involved - whether you're into local food, permaculture, animal
rights, allotmenting, humanitarian issues, food politics, transport
campaigning. Join the dots on climate change.

For lots of resources and on taking climate action and contact details for
your nearest climate action group see

See also for Fossil Fools Day, which is
happening on 1 April around the world.