Enric Duran, long involved with anti-capitalist struggles in Barcelona, has publically announced his robbery of 492,000 euros from 39 different banks, and gone into hiding.

Enric gained the money through fraudulent loans. Most of the money has gone towards funding anti-capitalist social movements and paying for a massive publication, though he kept a small portion to aid his flight. The publication, Crisi, is a one time newspaper printed in Catalan to
the tune of 200,000 copies. The newspaper claims the robberies, and contains numerous articles explaining some roots of the current economic crisis, critiquing banks and the capitalist system as inherently exploitative and involved in much more massive and socially damaging forms of robbery, and discusses some collective alternatives for building a new society.

The 200,000 copies were distributed on one day, 17th September,
throughout Barcelona and Catalunya, and the action received frantic and
excited capitalist media coverage. The latter mostly focused on Enric
as an individual (some of the press referring to the 32-year-old as a
"youth"), and alternatively glamorized his action or cast doubts on its
authenticity, while minimizing the collective critique presented in
Crisi (which was produced by many more people than Enric) as an attack
on "the power of banks." Nonetheless, the media coverage proved to be
exciting news and thousands of people sought out the activists handing
out Crisi that morning to get a copy of the paper themselves, having
heard about it on TV or the radio.

Crisi has also been made available on the internet in Catalan, Spanish, Arabic, Euskera, and English, at

Duran claims the robbery as a form of civil disobedience, but also
links it to the age old anarchist tradition of bank expropriations. For
better or for worse, Duran's action has received mass attention and
made him something of an anti-capitalist superhero and mediatic figure.

The police have not yet received any denunciations from any of the
banks involved, and say they are investigating the expropriation to see
what crimes Enric can be charged with.

Hundreds of other people were involved in the publication and
distribution of Crisi, and numerous anonymous groups received money
from the expropriations, and it is unknown whether police may try to
sanction any of them.

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