Community How To ~3rd Year Edition~ Oct 30 2013

Community theory, communication, and ideas and resources for starting a community with the Lorax Manner Student Cooperative in Eugene, Oregon, as a case study.

The latest edition of Community How To includes the following sections:

 II. Sense of Community
      1) Boundaries
      2) Emotional Safety
      3) A Sense of Belonging and Identification
      4) Personal Investment
      5) A Common Symbol System
   Integration and Fulfillment of Needs
   Shared Emotional Connection
      1) Meaningful Social Time
          Group Activities
          Perception of Crowding and the Dunbar Number
      2) Experiencing Difficult Situations
      3) Conclude Discussions
      4) Putting Energy Into Making the Community a Better Place
      5) Rewarding people who positively influence the community
      6) Spirit

 III. Communication
   Written vs. Verbal
   “Bad Apples”
   Non-Violent Communication
   Groupthink, Homogeneity, Diversity
   Importance of Outside Communication

 IV. Forming a Community
      1) North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)
      2) Student Cooperative Association (SCA)
      3) The National Association of Housing Cooperatives
      4) The Cultivate Coop Wiki
      5) You
   Developing New Cooperatives
      1) Getting Organized
          Building Your Group
          Building Relationships and Common Ground
          Create A Formal Group Structure
          Development Process
      2) Cooperative Business Planning
          But How?
          The Business Plan Document
      3) Obtaining Tax Exempt Status and Applying for Corporate Status
          Tax Exempt Status
      4) Assessing Financial Feasibility: What Can You Afford?
      5) Purchase or Lease a Building
   Community Structure
      1) Mission Statement
      2) Policies and Rules
      3) Voting
          Consensus and Consensus Minus One
          Half Plus One Majority and Two-Thirds Majority
      4) Jobs
      5) Non-Participatory Members
      6) Meetings
      7) Spiritual, Religious, and Secular Communities
   Ideas for Building Community

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Written in 2010 by The Rad Cat Press. Last updated October 30, 2013.

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