Glasgow's Radical Independent Bookfair, May 17, 2008

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A cultural community event for all - self organised.

SATURDAY 17th May 2008
12- 8pm

Free Entry

Pearce Institute
840 - 860 Govan Road
(Govan U)


The Reshuffle event which happens periodically is one such idea that
attempts to mix the idea of enjoyment of local space and place, such as
community centres with some discussion and workshops in the mix about
housing environment and such like.

One of the major issues I myself am interested in and that confronts
our society - is the corrosion of the social base. The disappearance
and undermining of incipient culture in our communities by private and
council led partnerships. The privatisation of the Common Good,
Business in our parks, Debt and rent.

We can never convince folk to take up the gauntlet and to fight the
many social ills that tend to consume our time without first creating
or repairing a social base in which to work from. I believe the way to
do this is to create small events and projects that are achievable and
winnable that people can see work, that will give them confidence to
try the next thing. City Strolls offers some a platform for these kind
of activities.

In order that folk can feel purpose in what they do and try to achieve,
they need to feel good about themselves first, so as well as focusing
on the repressive issues we also need to celebrate cultural fulfilment
and enjoyment.

So bringing some fun and enjoyment to the community can be part of the
building blocks that strengthen the social base and can also even help
to socialise the boredom of some of the important but rote tasks in
community activism.

Within Britain, Scotland and specifically Glasgow there are fewer and fewer outlets for independent and radical materials.
Corporate bookshops rule the roost and offer little in the way of
counter culture, radical voices or local independent materials.
The Radical Independent Book-fair project (RIB) has come about to help redress this imbalance.
RIB is a support structure for a number of individuals and groups who
produce publications, information and materials for sale, view and free
The project is self-financed by the participants, no public or
corporate monies are involved, no one takes a wage, it is not party
politically aligned and is autonomous from other organisations.
The project is more than an occasional bookshop and travelling
bookstall - it is also a temporary library, a videotheque, a meeting
point for discussion, distribution and ideas, as well as a place to
come and have a coffee and a blether.
- keep informed -
- get involved -
- support struggles -
- self educate and agitate -


12.00-6.00pm MAIN HALL

Come along and talk on the radio tell folk what you think, request a 'shout-out".

As well as showing some carving and woodwork skills they will be explaining their training scheme.

Glasgow University will be here again doing Mad Sciency stuff. Bring the kids and experiment.

Make big buildings and stuff out of cardboard and then knock em down. Fun for all ages.

Do cool things with computers. Find out more about Linux and Free open source software.

Relax with a calming back massage from Monkey Machine, while the kids
are busy doing their science or building a hut out of cardboard.

Bee keepers will be buzzing around letting you taste the honey - and you might get to see the bees!

The bookshop is a selection of stalls covering a number of publishers
and presses. We stock various books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers,
dvd’s, cd’s, badges, cards and t-shirts.
Some individual publishers / groups involved as part of the RIB project may also come along and set up stalls.

The videotheque is a bank of documentary films - including a selection
from previous Document : International Human Rights Documentary Film
Festivals. Titles that you can select from and watch with headphones on
individual monitors.

The listening post is where you can hear a variety of interesting
lectures, talks, discussions and a bit of music too. The backbone of
this CD collection is every title published by AK Press Audio.
The reading room is an ongoing collection of current and older
counter-culture newsheets, bulletins, newspaper and magazines. These
help form a representation of radical and autonomous publications.

The info point. Drop off or take away. A table or two of free things -
a mixture of flyers, leaflets, newsheets, stickers, cards and other


12.00-6.00pm CAFE

Throughout the day there will be hot and cold drinks available as well as tasty grub and snacks.

At the last Reshuffle Brothmix helped out in the Cafe and made some
great rhubarb and ginger jam. Come along and see what they do this


1.00-8.00pm CAFE

CAFE discussions
Have a cup of tea, meet up with other folk and have a chat about important issues that affect us all.

1 .00- 2.00pm
The rise of car culture in Glasgow.
Focus on motorways and changes to public transport. What campaigns can be taken forward now. what can we do about it

2.00- 3.00pm
Switch on to climate change.

3.00- 4.00pm
Our health; sick man of Europe.
How can grassroots health movements improve the city's health.

5.00- 6.00pm
The Bridge
Find out about the exciting new BRIDGE website where you can tell the
community your ideas. Informed by communities’ needs, City Strolls will
be developing a new, custom-built website, upgraded to be fully
interactive and multi-user accessible.

7.00- 8.00pm
Reshuffle - What Next?

At the end of the day there will be a ‘Reshuffle - What do you think?’
Ideas for future Reshuffles. Want to help out, get involved in the next
event then come along and join in. This will be in the cafe.

More information about other events can be found here -


2.00-4.00pm workshop/ discussion - THEATRE
Movement for Justice in El Barrio (MJB)
...part of the MJB speaking tour across Europe.

As Glasgow undergoes gentrification, hear from New York activists who
have been fighting the same attacks on their communities for decades!
There will be a talk about their ongoing struggle, followed by a
practical workshop exchanging ideas and tips about how to organise to
defend our communities.

Gentrification is NOT regeneration - we do want money spent in our
communities, but the way Glasgow City Council is doing it, they are
clearing us out first, before making the area look nice for those able
to spend hundreds of thousands on the new flats going up.


4.00-6.00pm - presentation/ discussion - room to be confirmed
Stevphen Shukaitis


A presentation by Stevphen Shukaitis (with participatory dialogue to
follow) on issues raised in the recent publication: Constituent
Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization (2007)
David Graeber & Stevphen Shukaitis (eds.)

Shukaitis will discuss the concepts and practices of class composition,
militant research, and workers inquiry. As elaborated within the
recently released collection Constituent Imagination, the task will be
to elaborate methods of developing knowledge that build upon the
energies of social insurgency to find paths for the continual political
recomposition, in and through the continual need of capitalism and the
state to regenerate itself based upon these very attempts at its

Stevphen Shukaitis is an activist and research fellow / PhD student at
the University of London, Queen Mary. As well as an author he is a
member of the editorial board of ephemera: theory & politics in
organization, the Autonomedia Editorial Collective, and the Planetary
Alternatives Network. He seeks to develop non-vanguardist forms of
social research as part of the global conspiracy against capitalism.

This will be followed by a chance for questions and participatory
dialogue. Constituent Imagination published by AK Press will be
available during the bookfair.

For more info on this event contact Gordon Asher


6.00-8.00pm film screening/ discussion - THEATRE
Camcorder Guerillas
DEADLY CARGO - Tracking the Nuclear Warhead Convoy...
Deadly Cargo, Scotland, 2007 (20 min)
The latest film by award winning collective 'Camcorder Guerillas'
uncovers how fully assembled Trident Nuclear warheads are regularly
transported in secret convoys on ordinary roads in Britain. How close
do they come to you? Find out the chilling truth about those lethal
convoys, how they are tracked by ordinary citizens in the Nukewatch
network and how you can help to stop them. Followed by mystery film(s)
and discussion...

Sunday 18th May 1.00-3.00pm
Public discussion with Stevphen Shukaitis on issues raised by the
publication: Cultural Activism Today - The Art of Over-Identification
Uisge Beatha - 232 Woodlands Road - Glasgow G3 6ND (Kelvinbridge U)
If, as claimed within the autonomist tradition, capitalism derives its
lifeblood from attempts to negate it, where does this leave the
position of the subversive artist? Of the aesthetics of resistance?
Instead of succumbing to society’s demand for small creative acts,
should artists over-identify with the ruling, post-historical order and
take the latter’s immanent laws to their most extreme, dystopian
Join us for a meander through the 'Creative' think-wonkery of
structural maladjustment, from the urban deployment of the Rebel Clown
Army to the perverse counter-play of The Yes Men, and beyond... all
welcome - For further information, please see:


Sunday 18th May 7.00-9.00pm
Movement for Justice in El Barrio
MJB continue their speaking tour...
This event is hosted by the FORUM.
Friends Meeting House, Victoria Terrace (of George IV Bridge), Edinburgh.



The next main RIB will be held in August - this will include a major
collaborative event on May ‘68... “...In light of the emergence and
deepening of neoliberalism as an economic, social and cultural project
over the last four decades, a much more critical, radical forum is
needed to assess and discuss the events 1968 historically, their
impacts on society, and their significance in relation to present
oppressive cultural, social and economic circumstances under Late
(more info below)

Also in August the long awaited and much anticipated book launch of An
AFAQ - volume one. “The anarchist FAQ has been one of the standout
achievements of the last decade in terms of its rigorous treatment of
every aspect of the theory. Its translation from screen to print is
long overdue.” (Freedom)


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