Can you open the collective to those who are willing to help?

Is this why the site was unreachable for the past few months (my browser was giving 'the site has been compromised' warnings and not loading it)?

I freaked out, and started looking for web design help in my area, I was planning to create my own site for my zine library so that I could put as much content as possible back online.

If there was any way for the folks in charge of this site to open the collective to let more of us in remote areas into the group, I would be more than happy to help contribute to the costs of running the site. I do not want this site to go down ever again, and I don't want to have to create my own site and generate traffic there, when this site is already established.

LMK if we can provide a way to join the collective that manages this site, and help provide funds to keep this site online. I'd be more than happy to contribute (paypal/etc) if you can provide a way for me to do so.

Also, I'd be willing to provide money so that others can just access the content for free. From those with the capacity to pay, should provide the funds. I'm lucky enough to have the capacity to provide some funding. I'll gladly take on some of that burden.

From a practical standpoint, I have some questions:
1) Are you using riseup as your host now? They seem like a nice fit. Are they too expensive?
2) How much are you short, exactly? How much a year do you need to continue on the current host?
3) Can you open the collective to let us help/contribute? I'm sure heavy users of the site (those of us who upload content/download content alot) would be willing to contribute.
4) Have you considered doing a kickstarter? I know there's tons of zinesters/hipsters/activists who'd happily contribute to a kickstarter for this site. If the latte sucking pavement dwellers wanna contribute, I say let them. All of those 90s riot grrls and kids who read HaC and Microcosm zines are adults now, with decent jobs and disposable income. If you make a kickstarter and spread it in the right way, a ton of them would donate to the cause.


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