Will to Power, The by Friedrich Nietzsche

The Will to Power, compiled from Nietzsche's originally unpublished notebooks, is one of the most famous books of the past hundred years. The Will to Power represents a stunning selection from Nietzsche's later notebooks, in a topical arrangement that enables the reader to find what Nietzsche wrote on nihilism, art, morality, religion, the theory of knowledge, and whatever else interested him.
This work and his other works, particular his later material, are an attempt to provide a new worldview, a new way to interpret life that is almost the complete opposite of the traditional religious/transcendental/moralistic worldviews that have dominated the world, such as christianity, judaism, buddhism, i.e. the philosophies of world renunciation and the ascetic ideal. Nietzsche reveals how the world really is, not some ideal of the world, namely that the world is violent, chaotic, without any kind of teology. He then proceeds to affirm this world, otherwise affirming life for those very characteristics that had led others to deny it. The ultimate value by which all is measured in his works, particular in this work, is power. Life is seen as the will to power. In other words, life's essence is the drive, impulse to grow, to conquer, to dominate, and accumulate force, to increase and grow in every possible way.
To embrace Nietzsche is to choose an anarchism of MASTERS WITHOUT SLAVES.

The Will to Power
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