The Philosophy of Egoism by James L. Walker

Considered by many to be the most important statement originally written in the English language delineating the basic position of philosophical egoism. When taken in tandem with The Ego and Its Own and John Badcock, Jr's Slaves To Duty, there remains little to add to complete the fundamentals of this philosophical impulse. What makes Walker particularly interesting is that he also identified as an anarchist and developed his egoist analysis from this position - or maybe it was vice versa. In any case, a full scale anthology of his vital contributions to Benjamin Tucker's journal Liberty is greatly needed.

One can only allude here to the scope of Walker's impressive achievements and complex career. A biography is long overdue and should be a high priority in the field of scholarship devoted to work in this area. What is intended is to give credit where credit is due. Walker more than any single person is responsible for introducing the ideas of Max Stirner to an American reading audience, originally through his brilliant articles under the pseudonym "Tak Kak" in Benjamin R. Tucker's unique journal Liberty. He also played a major part in influencing Tucker to have The Ego and Its Own translated and published under his imprint.

Foreword by James J. Martin
Prefatory Note
Biographical by Henry Replogle
The Philosophy of Egoism by James L. Walker

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