We Have Had Enough

The text used in this poster was taken from 2 pieces of writing that appeared on handouts in Seattle in March of 2011. The first is What is an Anarchist? and the second is Anarchists: What The Fuck Are They Doing?

Anarchists look reality in the face and desire its complete transformation: the elimination of exploitation and domination.

Anarchists recognize the one-two punch of the right and left wings of the state. The right-handed uppercut of market capitalism and the strong left hook that more government offers have taken turns pummeling people and the earth for hundreds of years. Anarchists are those who have had enough of it all.

Anarchists see the imposition of racism, class society, nationality, and patriarchy all playing parts in creating a world where a few own everything and the rest are forced to work for them in order to survive. A world that is also held in place by institutions of direct control in the form of police and prisons.

Naturally anarchists are decried as dangerous by cops, politicians, and the rich, and rightly so, because if anarchists had their way those roles would no longer exist.

Anarchists are also those who want to live in a world without hierarchy where interactions are based on mutual aid rather than the accumulation of power and commodities. Anarchists remain ever critical of themselves and bring their ways of thinking, acting and relating into constant question.

At the same time in a world full of alienation and apathy anarchists are willing to act in accordance with their ideas.

While we’re told to grow up, to quiet our rage, to check another ballot, wait another decade for change, our limbs and minds grow weary. Through the bars, our dreams and desires yearn to overflow, for something different. Some of us claw at the walls where many have died before, fight for one last glimpse of the sunlight. Anarchists.

Anarchism means destroying the forces that seek to keep us on our knees, as much as it means finding your friends, lovers, families and communities to have each others’ backs, with unbounded rage and joy. The riot that spills into the streets with dancing and laughter, the potluck that leaves everyone fed, the social center filled with books and ideas, the friendships based in affinity and unconditional solidarity, the window smashed to let in the light from outside.

A world where we are not caged and alienated from ourselves, our land and others is not only desirable; it is entirely possible! Do you see the window?

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