We Give A Shit: An Analysis of the Pittsburgh G20

This is the third pamphlet in the Tactical Analysis Series. Part analysis of tactical movements, part action history, part tactical theory paper, this pamphlet was written as the result of 2 months of tactical research following the G20 demonstrations in Pittsburgh. For many of us that may have been in Pittsburgh at that time the flurry of action that occurred constructed a situation of such dense opacity that attempting to get any sort of topsight is impossible. This is both the difficulty of analysis and the ultimate success of the actions themselves. The actions in Pittsburgh were successful to the degree that they disrupted the ability of the police to have any sort of topsight, or a vies of what was occurring in a more or less comprehensive way. It is here that we can see that the tactical success of actions transcends property destruction and direct confrontation and becomes a matter of disorganizing the attempted coherence of police operations, a matter of making policing impossible.

WeGiveAShit2.pdf236.78 KB


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