How to View and Print Zines

To View zines get a PDF Viewer at Adobe , Foxit, CoolPDF or some other pdf viewer then open pdf file.

To Print Zines:

(***Note**** if zines have odd page numbers then they have a cover page. Print the cover page separately)

Most pamphlets are designed for 8.5 x 11 inch paper. They are
designed to be folded in the middle. if you have two sided printing,
print on both sides. Make sure your printer's margins are set to zero.

For Duplex printing (printing on both sides) choose "advanced" then "flip on short edge."

Some zines are printed vertically on a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper.

Duplex printers choose "advanced" and "flip on long edge" for zines laid out vertically.

If you do NOT have two sided printing, follow these steps:

1) open the pamphlet in a pdf reader at Adobe , Foxit, CoolPDF.

2) hit the print button

3) in the print dialogue box where it says "subset", choose "odd pages" then print.

4) collect the pages and put them back in the printer in the same
order if your printer pulls from the bottom of the paper stack.

If your printer pulls from the top of the paper stack reverse the
order of the pages. (how you put them back in depends on the printer
you use.)

Most printers have you put the pages back in face up with the page top facing the printer's left.

Print out a test page to see if everything is rightside up. then print out the whole pamphlet)

5) In the print dialogue box where it says "subset", choose "even pages" then print

It will be a little tricky at first, but hang in there. Please give us suggestions on how to improve these instructions.


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