Poland, 1990, October-November, News prepared by Black Alliance group

October-November 1990
news prepared by Black Alliance group

News From Poland

1. 17 October, Krakow

The group of Anarchist Federation in Krakow organized an anti-presidential demonstration during the election rally of Lech Walesa. The A.F. demonstration was attacked by skin-heads and the other supporters of Walesa.

2. 19 October, Warszawa

Outside the british embassy, an anti-poll tax demonstration was held by the Anarchist Federation. At the same time it was a demonstration against vivisection organized by the Animal Liberation movement.

3. 5 November, Gdansk

The "Panachyda"--a happening on the place of german cemetary destroyed by polish, communist bureaucracy after the 2nd World War. The action was organized by KIS (the Club of Social Initiatives).

4. 7 November, Krakow

An occupation of Soviet consulate by anarchists in solidarity with Moscow and Leningrad anarchists, was crushed by an anti-terrorist troops.

5. 11 October, Gdansk

The hunger strike of an old woman outside the conscription office was taken to change the rules of conscription to the army. After one month she was taken to the hospital. The action was supported by Federation Trade Union and other anarchist groups of Gdansk.

6. 19 November, Gdansk

Outside german Consulate a solidarity action with fighting squatters from Berlin was held by KIS.

7. 24-25 November, Gdansk

The General Assembly of Anarchist Federation. We were discussing the following problems: presidential elections, privatisation, clericalism, military service, the political police, our position on colaboration with oficial mass-medias and which way of acting...

8. KIS--The Club of Social Initiative in Gdansk. It was founded by a few local independent groups (anarchists, socialists, Ukrainian minority and others). We hope to make there a free library, small hostel, place for concerts, etc... We don't have any money, but we have a lot of needs. The Black Alliance group is taking care of the library. If you have some books in english, french, italian, german, or you can send us for free your magazines. Here is our adress:

Black Alliance
P.O. Box 67
PL-81806 SOPOT

the adress of Club (not for mail for instance)
Klub Inicjatyw Spolecznych d/Gedanus
ul. Barbary 3--GDANSK

news prepared by Black Alliance group

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