Itchy Feet II - Vegan ethics while travelling

Zine about maintaining vegan, environmental and anti-authoritarian principles while travelling the world.

1. Pre-Travel preparation.
o Helpful tools to prepare yourself for what is to come
2. Maintaining a vegan diet.
o Breakdown of a vegan diet in North America
o Breakdown of a vegan diet in Central and South America
o Breakdown of a vegan diet in Europe
o Breakdown of a vegan diet in Asia
o Breakdown of a vegan diet in Africa
o Breakdown of a vegan diet in Oceania
o Smart shopping and easy foods to travel with
3. Limiting your environmental impact.
o The myth that constant travel equals a high carbon footprint
o Hitchhiking and alternative methods of environmentally friendly travel
o Dumpster diving
o The myth of ecotourism
4. Connecting with local activists and organisations.
o Reaching out and giving solidarity to others while travelling
o Listening to the needs of local struggles
5. The issue of culture.
o Why culture is no excuse for cruelty
6. The impossibility of veganism for the entire global population.
o Discussing why it is unfair to assume the entire global population can be vegan
7. Conclusion and bibliography for further studies.

Itchy Feet 2 PDF.pdf848.97 KB


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