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Artistic Visions for a world's failure... the last Agents of Change.

Background for the Screenplay Gentle Change: Bomb Antarctica

Too late, rational programs cannot fix what can't be fixed. For a direction beyond despair; a love that is both personal & as wide as the world’s needs; & art that has enough meaning to create a mind-blown experience: M A G I C INSURRECTION FILMS seeks aid to finish movies about European anarchists who steal nuclear bombs from Al Qaeda … and blow up Antarctica. SOMEWHERE... a group of people will submerge themselves from start to finish in a mania to make something wild and thumping... To become a movie & live it. Maybe you let it live you... Maybe the movie becomes the film crew, Maybe the World becomes the movie? Hook up in Europe to shoot locations, interview radical youth & look for actors.

The Last Picture Shows. Stories at the Edge of Chance:
Punks, Skaters and old time radicals join in the riots and organizing of communes. everyone knows that fire negates tear gas – if the fires are big enough. People whisper about worldwide insurrections and new kinds of struggle : ALGERIA (AND KABIYLA), INTIFADAS IN PALESTINE, SOUTH LEBANON, SOMALIA, PARIS, LYON, ATHENS, THESALONIKI, PRAGUE, ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, OAXACA... CHIAPAS, ICELAND, KURDISTAN. Then those wonderful French and probably a few other nationalities put together and translated the “new framework”, the book and papers on L'insurrection qui Vent. The slant of the book's language makes sense to a world without alternatives and youth without anything to look up to. People begin to redesign all ideas for themselves, in music, life, communes, art, tattoos, parkour, resistance and…
In the capitalist world they say “follow the money.” In this new World of Insurrection, I say “follow the smoke.”
Ha! Ha... Ha. There's only one thing really funny about the Global Warming Climate (ie. Farming!) Catastrophe: This screenplay! Which is also quite serious and seriously deadly to Capitalism and Progress! (Disaster!)
Why Bomb Antarctica?
Since there is no Present, nor the potential of a present moment in a world such as this, I look for a way to wake people up to the dead end path they and their leaders are following. Zombies do not realize they are asleep! I love peasants, but they always wait until it is almost too late to resist. Christianity, the USA, capitalism, New Age Selfishness, these all lead nowhere except to war and terrible suffering. It is the way that we think about problems that causes us to fail at being human and to support insane ideas, like economic growth, representative democracy and private cars/property and international trade.
Bomb Antarctica was created to shock your assumptions about how the world works. The ideas in the movie will hopefully melt your frozen minds and make people see new options that challenge the way that they think. Can you critique your methodology and your assumptions? People underestimate how determined the rich are to keep their status and control. People also have no training in how to factor in time to their judgments. The ice caps are melting and they will all melt in a few decades. Even the most honest and well-meaning environmental groups are grossly misleading people about how the carbon economy works and the realistic possibilities of reducing carbon output enough to have any impact on global warming.
It would be nice if I had billions of dollars to try and really educate people about the realities we face and the options available. There is no reason why global warming should be a big problem for humanity. If we all wanted to sacrifice and work together then we can solve any problem and share the pain in an equitable way. It’s the rich and the well paid professors who keep the lies going – and now Obama is Liar Number One!
Since I do not have even millions to work with, I have to come up with billion dollar ideas and risk my life and liberty – not to mention my sanity – trying to wake up enough people to make an honorable effort at averting catastrophe. It would be a very wonderful event if someone exploded several large nuclear bombs at the right places in Antarctica. Suddenly, The world would have to face the inevitable reality of rising sea levels, ruined coastal cities and an end to capitalism, trade and wealth. For years vast numbers of large ice bergs would jeopardize all shipping in the Southern Hemisphere. This alone would cause global capitalism and trade to collapse.
Few people would die outright from bombing Antarctica. The collapse of capitalism and trade could result in massive starvation and war, but this is inevitable anyway. The main thing that would allow us to avoid chaos is a sensible and sustainable economics. And so I have created such a program Sharia Ecosolidarity. I hope that the movie Bomb Antarctica and the books and videos that are produced as a result will spread the message of a sane way to live and the only option we have to face the future with dignity.
The reason that I placed the movie in Europe is that nothing intelligent happens in USA and I want to warn Europe of the dangerous position that it's in. As weather and economic crises hit the world, refugees will flood Europe in the tens of millions. This will lead to increased power for the already large anti-immigrant fascist mentality in Europe. Things will rapidly spin out of control.
The reason I focused on Islam and the creation of Anarcho-Islam is that Clinton, Bush, and Blair have designed a world dependent on oil and also the creation of extreme and justified hatred toward the West. Since I cannot support the War on Islam and I cannot ignore the mass murder policies of the Western Governments, I have to find a way to transform Islam and create a way for people who think like me to do something positive. Centralized governments, democracy and dead- end liberal ideas must all be transformed or better yet erased from all memory. Sharia Ecosolidarity Economics and Anarcho-Islam can achieve this.

… That is, after we Bomb Antarctica!

Ride a Penguin to a different dreamscape.
Buy your own nuclear bomb.
Figure out where magic moves and what you could do with it.
Make stories that weave around the icebergs in our Awareness...
Stories to stalk shortcuts and burrow wormholes so that one may slip past
the stagnant trapped thinking that dominates the world
& the apathy people have learned to embrace.

Speed & The Antidote:
Gentle Change Bomb Antarctica

The situation that we are in is “world civil war”... From now on all friendship is political...

There are economic problems, food problems and worries all across the globe.

The insurrection guides us as we slow down with grace. Awareness comes out as people create a sense that caution is what people need to hear: Plan a real slowdown and plan the future or else some fat cats and bureaucrats will do it for us. And then we will never know what hit us... Either way we go - except the techno utopia non- human nightmare – we end up in the same kind of place with no personal electricity, no private cars, few jobs and very expensive food. Farmers will be happy, everyone else, who knows (?)...

It’s disconcerting to some that indiscipline figures in so prominently
among the number of military virtues that insurgents have. In fact, rage
and politics should never be separated. Without the first, the second is lost
to discourse; without the second the first exhausts itself yelling.

People ask a question.: What's an Insurgent?
And I tell them it's not about drums, drugs, arson, exterminating the Rich and powerful
or hospital drips.
Oh, no.
There's more there than that, my friend.
We all like a bit of the good life, a bit of piracy and adventure.
Some, the money. Some, the drugs. Some just the rush of action.
Others the sex game, the glamor or the fame.
But a real Insurgent, oh, he's different.

Because a real Insurgent wants the fucking lot.

My name's Anarki, formerly known as Anna. In New Zealand I met a woman named Avril on a sailboat. She told me the whole story, all about how she and Aniya bombed Antarctica and saved the world. The imminent collapse of civilization was so vivid that it inspired experiments in construction, energy, materials, illegality and agriculture. We thought that we had ten years to prepare, but it all went down in just five. Five years that seemed like two and ten at the same time. The Walls slowed us down, but then we were resilient and made use of the division they caused. Behind the Walls we established our own order, or something like it. Outside the Walls the authorities couldn't deal with us either.
The territorial question wasn’t the same for us as for the Police State. For us it’s not about holding onto it. Rather it’s a matter of creating density in the communes, in our circulation, and in our solidarity, to such a point that the territory becomes incomprehensible and opaque to all authority. It became a question not of occupying, but of being the territory.

With all the gangs that emerged in the wake of the 2012 uprisings, we had a glimpse of the kind of movement conditions that could become the birthplace of new communes, to take the world. Bluster, bravery, luck and ruthlessness served us well.

Metropolis was vulnerable: its flows were not merely for the transportation of people and commodities. Information and energy circulated by way of wire networks, fibers and channels, that could be attacked. To sabotage the social machine with consequence meant re-conquering and reinventing the means of interrupting its networks. How could a train line or an electrical network be rendered useless? How could the weak points in computer networks be found, how could radio waves be blurred and the screens filled with white noise? When biopolitical strikes, anarchist sabotage and blockading converged the metropolitan revolt spread everywhere. The insurrection chained together specific struggles and the accumulation of revolts to make a comprehensive strategy that hit (or overtook) territories, existences, machines and devices. When it got too hard to recruit enough police, the rich rushed to build walls and install automated defense systems. ... GET GOING!

Sixty years of pacification, of suspended historical upheavals; sixty years of democratic anesthesia, of managed events weakened our ability to perceive what’s real. To understand the meaning of the resistance in the current war…
We had to rediscover the ability of perception first.
Before I tell you about all of the people involved and the tough trials they endured here's what victory looked like.
“Come on!”

The hydrogen bomb broke loose The Byrd Glacier and sent a flood of hot water and mud onto the Ross Ice Shelf. Almost half the ice shelf split off from the hundred mile long crack. The shock waves sent hundreds of small icebergs loose off into the Southern hemisphere. These were followed by thousands of large ice bergs a year later. Shipping ceased in the South around Africa and Argentina. Military vessels required escort and ice breakers.
Rapid melting – faster than we had ever imagined – began. New ocean currents and seismic activity helped shake loose most of the Ross shelf and then the other shelves moved. Sea levels rose a foot by the second year and increased melt, gravity and buoyancy helped increase it almost five more feet in a couple years. Ports were ruined and sewer systems were flooded in half of the world's cities... Sea level increases of several more feet are projected in the next decade...
Avril told me that when they were first discussing the effects of the bombing that Aniya's ex-boyfriend,
Nicu, asked: “What could The Rich do?.”
Aniya: “Anarchists or many of them never got to first base: a Goal is the Beginning. A goal that makes some sense in a given time frame is what people have always followed before. Except they usually didn't go far enough in their revolts and revolutions. Now we had no choice...”
Nicu: “A Goal, You mean like a Global Caliphate for Islam or The WTO for the Billionaires?”
Aniya: “Well yeah they have both been tried and worked in ways for some... But the Alternative never could define itself. It was the umbrella of our multi-colored aspirations, the voice of disparate groups.”
Nicu: “Well at the end I think they mostly understood that it was all just about food. We had loads of concrete housing, and car parks and junk. All we needed to worry about was food and clean water. Why was that so hard for the government to figure out?”
Aniya: “Why was it so hard for the alternative to agree on? They must have known... Gandhi, Schumacher, and Avril's dad, they all understood the need for Eco Sharia, and a simple world where sustainability would rule instead of Rulers and delusion. They all tried to talk sense. I guess it was too late... Momentum. All movements seem to be like Global Capital: they have to grow or stagnate.”
Nicu: “That's why the Soviets killed Trotsky: because he wanted to expand the revolution and the Soviets wanted to control it.”
Aniya: “And that's why they want to kill my dad.”
Nicu: “You mean Al Qaeda?”
Aniya: Yeahs.
Argentina and Chile captured icebergs and melted them into container ships. Europe debated doing this in order to slow down the reverse of the North Atlantic current – but too late... Everywhere the weather changed and that is always for the worse for most farmers... A slight variation can cause havoc... and this was worse than slight.
Moving away from the coastal areas where storm surges kept destroying most habitats, there were terrible problems of drought and flooding. Rainfall came at different times and in different quantities. Water aquifers dried up despite cutbacks and the coastal aquifers were all inundated with salt water and toxins from leaching landfills and former gasoline stations...
Then … then … Of course, none of this would have happened without the speeding-up-aid that the anarchist nuclear bombs did to Antarctica. Without the bombs the Rich and their insane capitalist development plan would have driven hundred's of millions more people into now flooded coastal areas... the Doomed Cities.
The rich always feared the farmers and the peasant people. The self-reliance of rural areas and their independence have always been a threat to authority and control. The coastal mega-cities were a nice place to store all of the millions of surplus people, those who were no longer needed in rural areas thanks to John Deer, Caterpillar, Komatsu and … US-UK gene science. It was also important for the Rich to get as many people as possible into the media-entertainment nexus of the urban consumerist lifestyle in order to indoctrinate and recruit police, military and other psychotics... By 2012, the masses were complacent and awaiting their fates.
The icebergs popping up everywhere and the ruined ports erased the plans of the Rich and got people moving. They moved inland and to higher ground if not to higher consciousness... But once the future and the lies sank in, people got mad and they acted with considerable ferocity. Faced with mass rebellion poor country governments had to stand up to the rich, end trade, and share what there was left... The rich countries were swamped with refugees: foreign and their own domestic coastal refugees. The glorious extermination plans fell apart, world domination seemed unlikely.
When an ice sheet melts, its gravitational pull on the ocean is reduced and water moves away from it. The net effect is that the sea level actually falls within 2,000 km of a melting ice sheet, and rises progressively further away from it. When the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed, the sea level fell close to the Antarctic and then rose more than expected in the northern hemisphere because of this gravitational effect.
The depression in the Antarctic bedrock that sat under the weight of the ice sheet became filled with water when the ice sheet collapsed. However, the size of this hole shrank as the region rebounded after the ice disappeared, pushing some of the water out into the ocean, and this effect also contributed to the sea-level rise. Melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet caused the Earth’s rotation axis to shift about 500 meters from its present position. This shift moved water from the southern Atlantic and Pacific oceans northward toward North America and into the southern Indian Ocean. The net effect of all of these processes is that as the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed, the rise in sea levels around many coastal regions was as much as 50 per cent more than expected.

Avril: “This World Civil War is not fought over the various ways of managing society, but over irreducible and irreconcilable ideas of happiness and their related worlds. The more style dominant the world becomes the more it must be resisted. And since the world is almost wholly style dominated, it must be resisted totally or... There is no longer a gap between what we are, what we do, and what we are becoming.”

GROUP ONE: Anarcho Squatters:

People, especially young people, find a place in their hearts where rebellion and revolt take hold. Elders and other veterans helped to set things up so there were safe havens and businesses to fund and protect regions and allies. Chaos times created strange alliances and strange bedfellows. Change was still immature in the USA where everything is one-dimensional commercial yuppyism. The fact that all paths lead to nowhere, no fun and no clue, forced some people to jump, to blast a path to ideals if nothing else.

GROUP TWO: Anarcho–Islam (AN-IS):

Youth and elders with bases in Paris, Germany (Turks and Kurds) and in Greece. They are serious about keeping the cops out and seriously funny/happy in their joking around with each other- the dark and the light! They are expanding their numbers and alliances for a grand vision.

Kids on the street & all the kids who realize they have no future saw Americans & all modern world supporters as fascists. While most kids in the rich world knew enough to know that they ought to care, ought to get involve and ought to fight back they followed their parents' attitudes: "We don't want to know how the system works, we don't want to know about Iran or all of these stupid wars!"
Global street kids looked around for something to fight for. They decided that the indigenous people, Islam and any group that fought the modernists deserved their support. The viewpoint or the world of all the poor rural people who want to stay simple goes back to the question of: What is the point of life, economics and science? The lies are so inverted that they are almost invisible and sideways. People had given up on government and democracy and so then they had only war or dictatorship left. But is that the only way?

Sometimes going around your enemy is the easiest way.
A typical poster on the street proclaimed: Slow Down and Start Over (The Battle Cry!) SLOW DOWN TO START OVER. Forgive all debts to all people everywhere. Grant renters "ownership" of their homes or apartments. Ban private ownership of cars & restrict vehicles in urban areas. Phase out toxic substances everywhere. Eliminate almost all outdoor lights at night. Share these ideas, technologies & concerns with people everywhere.

GROUP THREE: Thugs on Drugs: Rightwing Drug gangs, renegade CIA and other ex-military and Al Qaeda types. These are mercenaries who fight for those with enough money or promises of power. The US was so opposed to doing anything about emissions because they knew a strong cooling trend was only 15 to 20 years away. They needed to keep the planet warm for a few more decades until they had established full domination. Then amid rising sea level chaos they planned to detonate the ice caps in order to flood cities and justify further interventions, occupations and the elimination of enemies. This is when we put our plan into action: blow up Antarctica now so that their plans are ruined, the chaos comes sooner before their domination project is complete.

At the heart of the World Civil War is one idea that could tip the balance... confound
the plans of Power/Empyre/Metropolis/The Rich. This idea is The Coming Insurrection.
This a new way of thinking about what the questions should be.
The scene in Gentle Change is one that is not hard to imagine. Energy prices and energy wars are increasing. Everything still works and the rich and some of their middle class servants are as usual. But whole parts of cities and countries are abandoned or walled off. Poverty keeps many people subservient and low wage jobs are sought out. But the certain doomed future of more poverty, more war and global warming chaos, leads a few to rise up.
From a parallel story (The Kil Chaos Screenplay): It will be the Mother of All Consequent Events - we will birth an ice tidal wave to fight their designs - their plans for conquest and control. We lay hold of and re-write the rules of the game. We force their hand even as we unsteady it... We unfold the history that should have been - all of the events that should have taken place... We unsettle the plans of the rich and keep them unbalanced until the people rise. Blowing the Ice caps is like an Icebreaker in the Plans of the Capitalists.
The new US invasions are intensifying. It's like Iraq 2002-2010 times ten! Imperialist Puppets in Paraguay, Ecuador, Rio and Lagos kill whole generations of almost-future leaders - once again. Low intensity warfare and disappearances around the world. A spreading sense of impending war coalesced. From the Ice Caps to the tropical rain forests the smell of war advanced.
Faces, alleyways, Marseilles, Naples, Cartagena... and along the coast to Barcelona. A sailboat rests bobbing at a dock in southern France. Sailing toward Romania on a stolen luxury yacht Veska (friends and maybe a half sister to several other characters) tells her accomplice: "Preparations are being made, weapons bought and stashed in fall back secure areas. I can see it now being done in Russia and in the hills where we live in Romania, our friends in Slovenia.” Kurds and a loose Hezbollah - Armenian alliance work together creating a new balancing force in the region. Complications may lead to new splits between Shia and Sunni and also their factions and geographic areas...
China has forced the US to let Iran occupy half of Afghanistan and Iraq. And Iranian influence pushed into many of the other Stans too. Russia tolerates this for now, not trusting this China-Iran Axis, but not wanting to confront it yet and unsure of where the US stands. Instead Russia does what China and the US are doing: accelerate assassinations of enemies in border areas and prepare to seize neighboring areas.
Al Qaeda is dominant in The Eastern Afghan region, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Kashmir are hard core allies of Al Qaeda along with most of Jordan, Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Algeria. Egypt is still in chaos from the civil there, most of it seems to be allied with Hezbollah and Gaza. Saudi Arabia has been reduced to a vassal of the US, but a quarter of the oil income goes to one or another Al Qaeda front group. India and Bangladesh are both in collapse from economic and rising sea levels problems. Turkey remains the question mark. If it sides with the New Alliance: The Anarcho-Kurd-Armenia-and Non-aligned Shia, then most of the Western Al Qaeda groups will join too. The force of The Common will then be ready.

Critique has become vain... because it amounts to an absence. Everyone knows where the ruling order stands. We no longer need critical theory. We no longer need teachers. Henceforth, critique is allied to domination. Even the critique of domination. It reproduces absence. It speaks to us from where we are not. It propels us elsewhere. It consumes us. It is craven and stays cautiously sheltered when it sends us to the slaughter. What we have called activism is and always has been evil.

Fire and Ice
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. – Robert Frost

Screenplays & Book Need Agents:
Query Pian Estarov :

The Song of the Lost Children:
How to do? is the question of the lost children. Those who were not told.
Those with the clumsy gestures. To whom nothing was given.
Whose creature-ality, whose wandering, always betrays itself.
The coming revolt is the Revolt of the Lost Children.
Now we all live like lost children, because capitalist society has no future:
it is collapsing in on itself, and trying to take us with it.
We are nothing, and to become anything at all
we will have to take everything we need.
We can only learn by doing. We can only find each other in struggle...
We have begun.
We'll be sitting on top of a pile of ruins even if we are victorious.
We have lived in slums and holes in the wall....
We are not in the least bit afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth.
There is no doubt about that.
The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world
before it leaves the stage of history.
We carry a new world here, in our hearts,
and that world is growing by the minute.
The only way into the future is through the past.
The time of the un-time diverges from ‘ordinary’ time -
in other words, Chaos Time. This sets the Final Clock ticking...
We are transformed from mere humans into Werewolves,
superhuman creatures of inhuman creative destructive trajectories
that go beyond... and into not necessarily the future per se,
but an uncharted territory '
to play and mingle, and to form intensive affective states
that supersede temporality.
The wolves are let loose, and the pack is starving. It is time to feed.
We are together as a pack and individually sovereign over ourselves.

We are the crisis.

Help a Movie Excite Everyone!
These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume. - Romeo and Juliet

Some showed me Life, as 'twere a royal game, Shinning in ever color of the sun.
With prizes to be played for, one by one, Love, riches, fame.
Some showed me Life, as 'twere a terrible fight,
A ceaseless striving against unnumbered foes,
A Battle ever harder to the close, Ending in night

Please Review Screenplay Gentle Change: Bomb Antarctica (Political Action Drama).
Euro Anarchists and Anarcho-Islamic Allies steal nuclear bombs from Al Qaeda and bomb the ice shelves of Antarctica. An anarchist chieftain's daughter, Aniya, is set up by her ex-lover Nicu. They survive each other and become friends with privileges again. Together with a Kurdish friend Avril, they survive many ambushes and set a few of their own. They follow the plan of Aniya's father, sometimes without knowing it. Finally they steal a bus, find a hidden tunnel and end up in Greece where they uncover more traitors and friends. Kirsten, the biological daughter of Aniya's father and raised as the child of Nicu, makes a key decision as loyalty, life and luck hinge on the fate of the global uprising – and vice versa! The Lost Children of the Mountains contribute heavily to success. The domination plans of the Rich are forever thwarted. The insurrection achieves rhythm and irreversability.
The future is burning, we can smell the smoke from here.

OK, Activism, Politics And Even Revolution Are Dead … And Almost Buried. Insurrection and Total Resistance Await. While we are waiting, maybe we could make something fun & crazy:

Themes : Lots of deceptions and real or imagined traitors. Anarchists are famous for stubborn ricochets. Alliances and friends are all suspect in war or espionage……….. The lead actress, Aniya, is the daughter of a key anarchist leader who has an Al Qaeda traitor, true believer, anti-hero at his side. Aniya falls in love again with her ex-lover, Nicu, after he tries to get her kidnapped or killed in order to save his wife and step-daughter. He and Aniya escape a drug deal ambush to find Nicu's wife assassinated and his daughter missing… Then they are off to safeguard nuclear bombs that are on their way to an airplane in Greece. … and bound for Antarctica.

Everywhere there is the same idiotic idea of happiness... The same games of power that are paralyzed with fear... The same disarming superficiality… the same emotional illiteracy... the same Desert. The desert cannot grow anymore: it is everywhere… But it can still deepen.

We know it’s too early & also that it's too late / That is why we have time.

SOCIETY NO LONGER EXISTS. TO EXIST IS TO RESIST! The question is not whether to live
with or without money, to steal or to buy, to work or not, but how to use the money for increasing our autonomy from the commodity sphere. And if we prefer stealing than working, producing for ourselves than stealing, it’s not out of concern for some kind of purity. It is because the flows of power that accompany the flows of commodities, the subjective submission that conditions the means of survival, have become exorbitant.

The Coming Insurrection is a strategic prescription for an emergent war-machine to spread anarchy and live communism. A new ethics takes as its starting point : theft, sabotage, the refusal to work, and the elaboration of collective, self-organized forms-of-life.


Establish a series of foci of desertion, of secession poles, of rallying points. For the runaways.
For those who leave. For the Lost Children. A set of places to take shelter from the control of
a civilization that is headed for the abyss. These foci of desertion are established within and
through what is already present.

Communism Starts From The Experience Of Sharing.

We only learn by doing. We only find each other in struggle…. We have begun.

“This is social war with no relent and a means with no end. … Even the dead will not be safe from the enemy if he wins. Search for fractures in the system & attack them with all your might. Use all weapons: the strike, the rally, the propaganda, the fires, all the diverse and joyful expressions of reason & rage. In lives so totally subsumed by the logic of capital, revolution can only mean a total rupture from the past.”

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