harmolodic manifesto, the 2006

the harmolodic manifesto is an ongoing collaborative project about and a testament to harmolodic experience/expression in sound<>music<>vibration and life published by bottlecap press. the first edition was published in 2003 and included contributions from three people. the second edition was published in 2006 and was comprised of all materials published in the first edition along with new materials. there were six contributors to this edition.

we have an open call for submissions of any and all relevant texts and images from anyone on the planet. the harmolodic manifesto will be published in hard copy and online periodically. please send submissions, comments, and suggestions to: theredthreads@yahoo.com.

peace <3

a free spirit can only exist in a freed body
--duncan school banner

to be added to 2006 zine
*) the harmolodic manifesto, 2006.pdf1.73 MB


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