Jak se najíst a nezabít - Graham Burnett

 - fajnovy booklet s krásnymi obrázkami, tonami receptov a užitočných informácií ako sa najesť a neubližovať. (česky) 

Some past reviews of 'Well Fed'…

From 'Bypass' magazine, 1994;


A new hand-written and self illustrated pamphlet from Graham. Useful and on the ball. A brief intro places veganism in a social context as part of the struggle to abolish existing power structures - veganism as opposition to exploitation in all its forms rather than simply a vegetable diet. The main part is given over to user friendly recipes which encourage experimentation (including quantity: 1 made the very tasty burgers which have the virtue of not sticking like many veggie varieties, but even with half the suggested quantity I got eleven filling portions - some are still in the freezer). Also has the standards like roasts and soups, alongside chutneys, spreads, chapatis, wine, cider and nettle beer. The latter part of the pamphlet is devoted to growing your own, (not least) so you can improve your cooking with the flavours and textures of fresh homegrown organic veg. Invaluable stuff covering green manures/seaweed, organic pest control using herbs, co-sowing, companion plants and flowers to attract pest-eating predators, and tips on wild (free) foods — check out ramsons, cloudberry, bullace, acorns, hawthorn, rowan... Friendly, informative, thoroughly recommended."

From 'Zine' magazine, 1994;


Not so much a fanzine- more a hippy booklet on being nice to Animals and our fellow depraved Human creatures. Tons of vegan recipes to make life that little bit nicer for our Animal friends, and useful addresses for vegan type organisations. Cute illustrations.

F*** yeah, meat is murder. Or maybe justifiable homicide, Make yer own mind up geezers!"

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