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Beyond Representation: Tactics for building a culture of resistance

Beyond Representation

"Revisiting successful aspects of the anarcho-syndicalist tradition and its tactics of revolutionary struggle (within and outside of the workplace) is something that could potentially move beyond representation and build the culture of resistance. By coming together in one network based on direct action, solidarity and the ideas of anarchism, we could offer a very real alternative to both reformist action and the capitalist system itself. It could do what the current unions can’t or won’t do."  read more »

Beyond Resistance: Membership Zine

membership zine cover.jpg

Membership Zine for Beyond Resistance ( Includes 'How We Work' (structure, roles, decision making etc) and 'What We Do' (strategy and goals).

Collated and ready to print PDF.

Beyond the Ruins of the Creative City: Berlin’s Factory of Culture and the Sabotage of Rent

Beyond The Ruins Of The Creative City

Beyond the Ruins of the Creative City: Berlin’s Factory of Culture and the Sabotage of Rent

by Matteo Pasquinelli


"Throughout Berlin and the whole of Europe, we are witnessing the condensation of a peculiar form of cultural capital as the leading force behind real estate and the ‘creative cities’ strategy of city councils eager to attract both investments and highly skilled workers. As a result, the real estate business, has established a perverse machinery in alliance with the art world  read more »

Beyond Zombie Politics


This short and incomplete critique of efforts to resist the restructuring of higher education in California is written from a sympathetic standpoint. Without claiming to know what the best vision or path forward is we offer only the recognition of problems which we feel have so far gone unacknowledged in the rhetoric and strategies of many faculty, students, and workers as they oppose the plans of the state’s elite policy makers to increase flow of private funds, raise fees, reduce salaries, cut programs, and more.


Black Friday Recession Sale!


Here is one more poster for black friday.

This one is for taping to shelves.

Bosses Need Us... We Don't Need Them


Common sense reasons for worker self-management

a Zabalaza Pamphlet 

brampton the good

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with prose and poetry TrollE glorifies, mythologizes, and vilifies the growing up, as seen through the framework of the suburban experience. subtle examinations on class, and assumptions of suburban life.

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Brampton, ON
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Quarter sized

Brigate Rosse - Bewaffneter Kampf für den Kommunismus 1974

Brigate Rosse - Bewaffneter Kampf für den Kommunismus 1974

Buback oder wer ist verantwortlich für den Tod eines alten NSDAP Parteimitglieds.

Siegfried Bubacks NSDAP Mitgliedsnummer

Die Medien spekulieren über das "Geheimnis", warum Stefan Wisniewski auf seinem Pullover den Satz "Scigajcie ten slad" stehen hatte. Übersetzt : "Verfolgt die Spur" - und darunter die Nummer 8179469. Recherchen des SWR im Bundesarchiv ergaben: Es handelt sich um die NSDAP-Mitgliedsnummer von Siegfried Buback.  read more »

Build Your Own Solidarity Network


A guide to building a successful solidarity network along the lines of the Seattle Solidarity Network, written by two SeaSol organisers.

Build Your Own Solidarity Network (expanded)


The expanded guide includes two additional sections: "Why You Should Start a Solidarity Network" and "Interview With SeaSol". Also, A4 format has been added.

The original is here:

Building a solidarity network guide - extended


A guide to building a successful solidarity network along the lines of the Seattle Solidarity Network.

New version also includes the SeaSol interview with libcom and "Why you should start a solidarity network"

But won't they steal our jobs?


It's not necessarily the question at hand...

A poster about Indiana's proposed SB 1070 copycat law, SB 590.



“The youth are waiting, day after day. They wait for their time; as do the workers, even the old. They all wait, those who are discontented and those who reflect. They are waiting for a force to arise, something they will be part of; a kind of new international that will not make the same mistakes as the previous ones. They wait for a chance to get rid of the past once and for all – for something new to begin.


by the Invisible Committee

Calling All Rebels


"There are no constraints left to halt America’s slide into a totalitarian capitalism. Electoral politics are a sham. The media have been debased and defanged by corporate owners. The working class has been impoverished and is now being plunged into profound despair. The legal system has been corrupted to serve corporate interests. Popular institutions, from labor unions to political parties, have been destroyed or emasculated by corporate power.  read more »