Chiapas and Montana: Tierra y Libertad

"The Left in this country has been irrelevant since it blinked in the face of revolution in late 1969. The staid intellectuals who have been made comfortable in the role of “Loyal Opposition,” deserve a pie in the face and the eternal shame that our history will write for them. They squawk in confusion as a broad mass movement (including people of every “color” and “caste”) has been organized for the expressed purpose of defending and increasing individual and community autonomy. This is the (re)proletarian movement the America Left spent almost a century (1878 to 1968) attempting to instigate. They failed. Now it has sprung up without their help, the result of diminished economic prospects and the (clearer by the day) realization that the national security state apparatus is foundering out of control and must be curtailed. This movement is anti-government, anti- multinational, anti-elite. This (nothing if not postmodernist) militia movement is often derided by pundits with the dismissal that it “enjoys no serious intellectual support.” If this is true, so much the worse for the “serious intellectuals.” Once again they will be passive observers, whose predictable sophistry will be invoked to justify any repression the state feels is necessary."

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