CALL TO GENERAL STRIKE - CLAC Montréal - translated


This is a call for a general strike. Because rupture is the only language that our enemies understand. Because the social strike is the only tactic that can really utilize the subversive power of the struggling people. Because it unites the voices, the hopes, and the strengths of the precarious workers, the immigrant workers, the unemployed, the students, the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed, the outraged and the rebellious everywhere. The CLAC adds its voice to the call issued by the many Occupy collectives in North America for a general strike on the 1st of May, 2012. Not only do we call for a general strike each May 1st as of today, we call for an unbounded social strike, as soon as possible and until we have succeeded together in tearing up the roots of the capitalist, patriarchal, and colonialist system that oppresses us every day... and have lain the foundations of a world where we all will always be equal and truly free, where justice, dignity, and emancipation will be possible for everyone, a world where we can really know ourselves and each other.

To those of you who are pissed off. This is a call for the expression of justified anger. Because indifference becomes injustice. Because complacency and submission betray cowardice. Because time escapes us, because there is no longer anything to wait for. Because you have the right to be sickened, to believe that the circus has gone on long enough. Because rage is sane and because the secret is to really begin, to strike the match, we call for the expression of your anger, by any means that you feel just and necessary.

To the proletariat, to the immigrant workers, to the precarious and the unemployed. Because we are always the raw material, the life force of the capitalist system. We are the gears of the machine; it’s thanks to the exploitation of our work that a handful of voracious bandits get richer day after day. Without us, the system is nothing. And yet, the riches always accumulate elsewhere. It’s injustice and unrest that define this economic regime, so why continue to play the game? Why continue to sell our lives to the rich, to the dishonest who profit from us? Because the enemy is the boss, because the wage system is slavery, we call for a slackening, for interruption, for occupation, for blockage, for sabotage, and for the definitive abolition of the capitalist system.

To the unionized, to remember your role in this society and reclaim the proud history of militant labor. To bypass your crippling bureaucracies. Because worker solidarity is an unstoppable force. And yet the union culture is paralyzed by neglect and inaction, perhaps nowhere so much as in Quebec and the United States. Vulgar corporatism, compromise, and corruption crush the spirit of syndicalism. Centralization, authoritarianism, and bureaucratization tear down its means. That is not to say that the union cannot fill the determining role that they have filled throughout history. To the workers savagely laid off, to those who have had their pension funds stolen, who have been tossed in the trash can after a whole life of labor, it is time to stand up, to unify and to face the criminals in ties who make themselves richer by making you poorer. Because the union still has strength, we call the workers to reclaim their power, to override the syndical hierarchies and to remind themselves of the profound meaning of worker and social solidarity.

To the poor, to the cast-offs, and to the marginalized, who undergo the deepest unrest, who sleep in the street and who eat at the soup kitchen, who survive by begging and by theft… who feel profiling and harassment in your very flesh each time a dirty pig gets it in their head to teach you a lesson. Because it’s to change everything that we struggle, we call for your rebellion.

To students in revolt, who are a brilliant and inspiring light. From which the struggle gains the hopes of an entire generation. We add our efforts to your movement of historic strike. We hope fiercely that the other sectors of society will do as much and that together we can forge the path of a substantial, diversified, and combative social movement. Because you fight for a sustainable future, we call for a lasting solidarity.

To the women, to the radical feminists, who have always fought on the side of the dissenters. Who know injustice intimately. Who have needed sometimes often to break something just to make your voices heard. Because you have rewritten history, we call for your legendary courage.

To the queers, to the radical LGBT, perpetually forgotten and marginalized by a violent system that doesn’t value what isn’t stupidly standard. Because you fight to exist simply as you are, we call for your awesome fury.

To the anticapitalists, anarchists, communists and rebels, to the anticolonialists and all of the revolutionaries. Because history will belong to us if we let ourselves do more, we call for direct action, for subversion and for creative destruction. For fierceness, courage, and diverse tactics.

For a May 1st that is decisively anticapitalist, in the spirit of all who fought and died for the emancipation of the working class, this is a call to take back the streets, to break with the dominant order, and to occupy EVERYTHING!

To show the world that without us,
the capitalists are nothing.

And that together, we are everything,
we can do anything…

Pour un 1er mai anticapitaliste,

[Translated from French by a friend,
while attempting to stay faithful to the original intent.
Formatted PDF attached]