(A)BC'S Mini Guide To Protesting by the Imagination Justice Front

A smaller version of the soon too come (A)BC'S Guide to Protesting. A useful guide put together by veteran activists and direct action enthusiasts and other rad folks for everyone. Provides a useful list of things to bring and things to avoid plus some really awesome links. The full version has way more info and links.
The Imagination Justice Front is a faceless disorganization that has no members or leaders but puts out zines relevant too all activists or whatever you might call yourself. We come from everywhere and nowhere all at once we are the ones breaking the windows of injustice and locking down at the gates of hell.
This is a one page non copyrighted zine in which you could easily print something cool on the other side which would become the middle of the book. We hold no responsibility for what you do with this zine or with any information held inside.

Visualize Irreality and Actualize Your Dreams,
The Imagination Justice Front

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