Anarchist Magic the Gathering Deck!

No, you didn't read it wrong: it's an anarchist Magic: the Gathering deck fully laid out for printing! Nerdy anti-authoritarians everywhere, rejoice!

This deck contains 100 cards as per the Commander/EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) format of play. The commander of the deck is Red Emma of Kovno (Emma Goldman). The deck is fully functional, balanced with authentic Magic cards, and has excellent synergy of play. It's a Red + Green deck (get it?), and all of the cards reflect past and contemporary anarchist events, people, and history.

Download the deck now, and learn from it just how well Red and Green can work together.

Please visit Yggdrasil Distro @ for more free nerdy downloads.

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Anarchist Magic Deck (PRINT + BACKS).pdf2.37 MB
Anarchist Magic Deck (PRINT, NO BACKS).pdf2.36 MB
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