Anarchist Black Cross Federation Update #52

The Update is a publication produced by the Anarchist Black Cross Federation. It is one of the few publications designed specifically for news/articles about and from political prisonersand prisoners of war in North America.

The present issue has the following items:


Updates on:

Maliki Latine Transfers

• Jaan Laaman Transfers

Byron Sahne Chubbuck Transfer

• Eddie Hatcher Passes

• Rob Robideau Passes

Texas Two Convicted

• Robert Seth Hayes

• Chicago ABC Moves

Abel Paz Passes

Articles on:

Anarchists and the Good Time Bill

• Sara Jane Olson Freed

• James Kilgore Freed

Anarchist Dies in Explosion in Chile

• Peter Gelderloos Acquitted in Spain

• Reflections on the Left by Joaquin Cienfuegos

• RNC 8: Two Down, Two to Go

Ricardo Palmera

• Open Letter to All Progressives by Jalil Muntaqim

• Letter From Sekou Kambui

• Communication Management Units (CMU)

ABCF Reports 

• NYC Branch Group

• Toronto Branch Group

Los Angeles Branch Group

• Albuquerque Application for Support Group Status


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