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Veganarchy Issue #1 - Summer 2009


Veganarchy Issue #1 - Summer 2009

Veganarchy is a free, independently published magazine, aka “zine.” It’s purpose is to provide an outlet for creatively-produced content regarding veganism, anarchism, and related issues. We accept submissions on a continual basis, so send us an email if you'd like to contribute!

Vengeance #2


Vengeance #3


a little poison for the system

Vengeance: Class Hatred and Lovelorn Ramblings


Vengeance: Class Hatred and Lovelorn Ramblings
by Crudo, Modesto Anarcho (10.5 mb)

Vision on Fire: Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution by Emma Goldman

Vision on Fire - Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution

This carefully chosen collection features the most important writings from the turbulent last four years of Emma Goldman’s life. This incredible follow-up her popular autobiography, Living My Life, reveals her struggles with the contradictions of the Spanish Revolution and her efforts to maintain integrity and vision in the heat of political activism.

VOCAL: Comunicados de la lucha popular libertaria en Oaxaca

little kid with mask redblack2.jpg

Comunicados escritos por Voces Oaxaquenas Construyendo Autonomia y Libertad (VOCAL) y David Venegas Reyes, integrantes de la APPO en Oaxaca.

Communiques written by VOCAL and David Venegas during the APPO struggle in Oaxaca.

Voices of Resistance from Occupied London


Anarchist Quarterly Journal of theory and Action from the British Capitol After the Empire, Issue 1

Spring 2007

Download at: (14.3 mb)

Voices of Resistance from Occupied London #4


February 2009.

“Between a present yet to go and a future yet to come”. Illustrations by Berlin artist Max Andersson.

Voltairine De Cleyre Reader (Edited by A.J. Brigati)

Voltairine de Cleyre

“God is a lie, / and Faith is a lie, / And a tenfold lie is Love; / Life is a problem without a why, / And never a thing to prove.”—Voltairine de Cleyre  read more »

Voltairine de Cleyre Reader, The


Wage System, The -- Kropotkin


by Peter Kropotkin

war on misery #2 autumn 2006


Warrior Wind #1


Against a Society of Confinement: "Blow, wild wind, blow!"

Feburary 2006 

Warrior Wind #2, The


Against a society of confinement: "Blow, wild wild, blow!"

Mid-April 2006 

We Are All Anarchists Against the Wall


by Federzione dei Comunisti Anarchici
October 2004
distributed by Israeli National Traitors Anarchists

We Are an Image from the Future: The Greek Revolt of 2008 (Edited by A.G. Schwarz, Tasos Sagris, and Void Network)

We Are An Image From The Future

What causes a city, then a whole country, to explode? How did one neighborhood's outrage over the tragic death of one teenager transform itself into a generalized insurrection against State and capital, paralyzing an entire nation for a month?  read more »

We Are Winning


ACME collective communique from the 1999 Seattle WTO protests

We DO NOT need the police

cop flyer-1.jpg

We Give A Shit: An Analysis of the Pittsburgh G20


This is the third pamphlet in the Tactical Analysis Series. Part analysis of tactical movements, part action history, part tactical theory paper, this pamphlet was written as the result of 2 months of tactical research following the G20 demonstrations in Pittsburgh.  read more »

We Have Had Enough


The text used in this poster was taken from 2 pieces of writing that appeared on handouts in Seattle in March of 2011. The first is What is an Anarchist? and the second is Anarchists: What The Fuck Are They Doing?

Anarchists look reality in the face and desire its complete transformation: the elimination of exploitation and domination.  read more »