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Tides of Flame #10


mid november 2011

Capitalism is Death

Somebody Burned a Bank!

Free Barcelona, 1936

Repression, Recuperation, Revolution, and the Occupations Movement

Occupy Seattle: What’s Happened Since Our Last Issue?

My So-Called Life: Waiting for Court

A Tribute to Voltarine de Cleyre on her 145th Birthday

download at: (8.46 mb)  read more »

Tides of Flame #11


early december 2011

How to Occupy a Vacant Building

All Power to the Glaziers: Recent Actions

Black Diamond Vs. YarrowBay

Forgotten History: The Earth Liberation Front

Thieves Like Us: An Anonymous Letter

My So-Called Life: I am an Anarchist Nanny

Tides of Flame #2


issue #2 – mid july 2011

* Blows to the Face of Society
* Gentrification: Art, Housing, Police
* Racist Cops ‘Victims of Racist Attack’
* Noise Demo Held at Youth Jail
* Forgotten History: Anarchists and Rebellion in Walla Walla State Prison
* The King County Panopticon: Living and Fighting Under the Eye of the Beast
* Scrambling for a Solution to the Transit Crisis  read more »

Tides of Flame #3


Cops V. Party

Wild Noise Demo at Jail

Solidarity Continues in Prisoner Strike

Forgotten History: The Second Offensive of the George Jackson Brigade

Fare Dodger Receives Death Penalty

“Dog Doogity” is a Load of Crap

Notes on Community

Tides of Flame #4



Into the Void
Detective Dick Hall
Forgotten History: 1919 Seattle General Strike
Concealing Austerity
A Tale Of Two Tunnels

Tides of Flame #5


In this issue:
* Predators: On Rape and the State
* Cop Tasers Ex-Girlfriend’s Potential New Boyfriend
* An Introduction to Anarchist Affinity Groups
* Forgotten History: The Last Actions of the George Jackson Brigade
* The Death of Mother Nation
* One Year Later, Cops Still Struggle to Cover Their Asses  read more »

Tides of Flame #6


mid September 2011

Strike! – Longview, WA, Longshoremen

The Real War on Cars

Burnt & Open For All to See

Forgotten History: The 1916 Everett Massacre

Liberals Beg the Government to Follow Its Own Surveillance Laws

The Mythology of the Middle Class

Ciao, Autonomia!

Tides of Flame #7


early october 2011

99% WHAT? – On Occupy Seattle

My So-Called Life

Tacoma Teachers Return, Take Students Hostage For Real This Time

Forgotten History: The Last Days of the George Jackson Brigade

The Eyes of a Monster

Built for Burning: The Knife Behind the Bullitt’s Back

Haunted, a poem

Tides of Flame #8


mid october 2011

This is What Occupation Looks Like

Breaking the Myth of Egypt’s “Nonviolent Revolution”

Forgotten History: Anarchists and the Battle in Seattle

More Jobs? No thanks!

Police Are the Tool of the 1%

Tides of Flame #9


early november 2011

Letter from Cairo

Capital Hell Commune: Nazi Beatdown and Joyous Revelry

Paris, Mai ’68

Cops Brutally Evict #OccupyOakland, Occupiers Up the Ante with General Strike

Recent Attacks in the Seattle Area

My So-Called Life

Things We Like: Refusing to Pay to Ride the Bus

Tiqqun - Introduction to Civil War

Tiqqun - Introduction to Civil War

"Society no longer exists, at least in the sense of a differentiated whole. There is only a tangle of norms and mechanisms through which THEY hold together the scattered tatters of the global biopolitical fabric, through which THEY prevent its violent disintegration. Empire is the administrator of this desolation, the supreme manager of a process of listless implosion."  read more »

Tiqqun - Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl


The Young-Girl is not always young; more and more frequently, she is not even female. She is the figure of total integration in a disintegrating social totality.--from Theory of the Young-Girl  read more »

Tiqqun - Theory of the Young Girl - full


"Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl," Tiqqun, 1999-2001.

An english translation of Theorie de la Jeune-Fille recently appeared at

As 1) reading long work off blogs can be somewhat unpleasant and 2) someone else seems to be serializing a fancy illustrated version of this, I felt a simply typeset version of the whole text, suitable for reading or printing, might be appreciated.

It will print into a fat 88 page booklet.

To Challenge Domination. To Challenge Submission.


A brief response to the current situation in the Cascade region.

To Libertarians (a much nicer version)


"Organizations pass, but subversion will never stop being loved."

A great text about prisoners and solidarity, released under the moniker "International Friends" in August 1980 and currently attributed to that Debord guy. Signed by 25,000 people upon it's release, it plead for the release of Basque political prisoners in the spirit of revolutionary solidarity.  read more »

To Remember Spain

To Remember Spain-1.jpg

by Murray Bookchin, full book as zine, printable within reason



Introduction: Something flammable, something to be broken down, made into weapons, turned into resources and shared.  read more »

Total Liberation #2


A biannual zine of vegan anarchy. Spring 2011

Download at: (22.4 mb)

Towards A Constructive Anarchism: the strategy of Beyond Resistance


Towards A Constructive Anarchism: the Strategy of Beyond Resistance (

Collated, ready to print PDF.

Towards a Fresh Revolution


by the Friends of Durruti