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Blockage: Occupied Joy

Blockage: Occupied Joy


There is the head.
But, more so, there is the heart.
Then there is the body that we physically inhabit, that we possess (or posseses us?), that we feel through, that contains the brain and the heart and the lifeblood.
And there are our senses. We are sensual because the world is sensuous. The world is tactile. To live, to be alive is tangible, is a possibility, is something that is always open to risk and rebellion.  read more »

Blocs, Black and Otherwise

Blocs, Black and Otherwise Cover

This is the classic "Blocs, Black and Otherwise" written by Crimethinc. It's a very good overview of how to organize and participate in a black bloc.

We couldn't find a PDF of it online, so we put this together. As a bonus, we added another piece titled "Fashion Tips for the Brave" that contains more suggestions on preserving anonymity within a black bloc.

With love,  read more »

Bluegrass Insurgent, The


Issue # 1 Jan. 2007

an autonomous Lexington newsletter from the Red and Anarchist Network

Bolo'Bolo - p.m.


In a larger city we could find the following bolos: Alco-bolo, Sym-bolo, Les-bolo, Play-bolo, No-bolo, Sado-bolo, Maso-bolo, Blue-bolo, Dia-bolo, Marl-bolo, Marx-bolo, Anarcho-bolo, Incapa-bolo, Herb-bolo, Jesu-bolo, Krishna-bolo, which all assist in the substruction of the capitalist and/or socialist Planetary Work Machine. The pseudonym P.M.  read more »

Bomb Your Exams

Bomb Your Exams Cover

A mini-zine about school, society, and the endless alienation and boredom we suffer from both. [Takes only one sheet of paper to print! Cut along the faint gray line and assemble appropriately.]

Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement #12


August 23, 2008

a General Anarchist Union in the Boston Area  read more »

Break-Out from the Crystal Palace. The Anarcho-Psychological Critique: Stirner, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky by John Carroll


Before Marcuse and Laing, before Heidegger and Sartre, even before Freud, the way was prepared for the anarcho-psychological critique of economic man, of all codes of ideology or absolute morality, and of scientific habits of mind.  read more »

Breaking & Entering a new world


This is the story of the occupation of a derelict building in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on November 12-13, 2011, told in the voices of a wide range of participants. While anarchists and corporate media have circulated news of this action far and wide, the experiences shared inside the building have remained a sort of black box.  read more »

Breaking Free - The Adventures of TinTin


*higher DPI than previously hosted on zinelibrary  read more »

Breaking the Barricades: The Carnival Against Capitalism at the Quebec City FTAA 2001

Breaking the Barricades Cover

This zine is an account from the protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) in 2001. It was one of the most militant of the anti-capitalist (anti-globalization) protests that took place at the turn of the century in North America.  read more »

Breaking with Consensus Reality


Over the past years, anarchists have helped popularize the discourses of consent in interpersonal relationships as a way to counter rape culture, and  read more »

Brushfire #1 Nov. '07


a Florida anarchist Newsletter

Download at: (10.3 mb)

Brushfire April 2008


Floridas radical/anarchist networking and news zine

Brushfire June 2008


By Florida's radical activist and anarchist communities all over the sunshine state

Brushfire May 2008


Gainesville FL

Download at: (7.26 mb)

Build Those Collectives

Build Those Collectives-1.jpg

a workshop pamphlet of how to build a collective, and what to do with it once its built
by Moose and Inza
Brooklyn NY

Building a solidarity network guide - extended


A guide to building a successful solidarity network along the lines of the Seattle Solidarity Network.

New version also includes the SeaSol interview with libcom and "Why you should start a solidarity network"

Bulgarian Anarchism Armed


by Michael Schmidt

Burning Bridges


Burning Bridges #1 was released in March 2009 and includes writings on health and resistance, a history and analysis of social revolt in Guelph, tactics and analysis for creating social conflict, and information about development in Guelph. It is over 40 pages long and includes a lot of local news.

Download at: (25.7 mb)

Burning Sensation #4


The No-Frills Fall of '99 Final Issue

Anarchy, Eco-Preservation, and Gandhian Non-Violence

The Biotic Baking Brigade

Anti- Corporate Y@K Analysis

Revolutionary Communiques

A Hopi Peace Declaration

and more...!