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Between Peasants- A Dialogue on Anarchy


by Errico Malatesta

Between Peasants: A dialogue on anarchy - Malatesta

Beyond Animal Liberation

This is a collection of writings that critique the animal liberation movement and the corresponding lifestyle choice, veganism. We have spent extensive time working within the animal liberation movement in North America and our critique is highly influenced by our personal experiences.  read more »

Beyond Dissent


by Jeff Luers
September 2004

Beyond Property Destruction


Beyond Property Destruction is the fourth installment of the Tactical Analysis Series, an ongoing series of pamphlets about tactics theory and analysis.  read more »

Beyond Representation: Tactics for building a culture of resistance

Beyond Representation

"Revisiting successful aspects of the anarcho-syndicalist tradition and its tactics of revolutionary struggle (within and outside of the workplace) is something that could potentially move beyond representation and build the culture of resistance. By coming together in one network based on direct action, solidarity and the ideas of anarchism, we could offer a very real alternative to both reformist action and the capitalist system itself. It could do what the current unions can’t or won’t do."  read more »

Beyond Resistance


a Revolutionary Manifesto

Fifth Edition Spring 2006 

by Anarchist Federation (UK) 

Beyond Resistance: Membership Zine

membership zine cover.jpg

Membership Zine for Beyond Resistance ( Includes 'How We Work' (structure, roles, decision making etc) and 'What We Do' (strategy and goals).

Collated and ready to print PDF.

Beyond the Affinity Group: The Organisational Challenge for Anarchists


by Andrew Flood

Black Anarchism


Black Anarchism: A Talk by Ashanti Alston. This zine is part of the Boston Anarchist Black Cross distro.

Black Flag #4


Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism

Black Flag #8


Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism

Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism, CounterPower Vol. I

Black Flame-1.jpg

Black Flame (Counter-Power, Volume 1) is the first of a two-volume set examining the democratic class politics of the worldwide anarchist movement, its vision of a decentralized planned economy, and its impact on popular struggles on five continents over the course of the past 150 years.  read more »

Black Friday Sale


Bring some of these and some tape, fill up a few carts, and tape on the signs.

Position carts near the door.

Black Kite Quarterly

Black Kite cover

Summer 2011 - The first issue of Black Kite Quarterly (previously Wai Quarterly), produced by Black Kite Press from Australia. This issue themed around 'making the world safer for wimmin'. email us:

Black Liberation and Anarchism


by Ali Khalid Abdullah

Blocage, Occupation, Grève sauvage : un recueil de connaissance tactique pour é et autres



La formation de bandes : Une tactique dans le but d’accroître nos forces et notre autonomie
Occupation: un guide Do-It-Yourself
Les universités comme espaces de subversion
Culture de la sécurité
Conseils pour les manifestations
Pourquoi porter un masque?
Les bombes de peinture
Lectures supplémentaires

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back: a collection of tactical knowledge for students and others



The Formation of Crews: A Tactic in Expanding Our Strength and Autonomy
Occupation: a do-it-yourself guide
Universities as Spaces of Subversion
Security Awareness
Street Demonstration Tips
Why Wear a Mask?
Paint Bombs
Further Reading