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Thank You From Recently Released Antifa Prisoner John Tucker (Tinley Park Five)

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Thu, 02/13/2014 - 01:36

After twenty months of imprisonment, antifascist political prisoner John Tucker is free. John is the second of the Tinley Park Five to be released and he’s written a thank you letter to his supporters. The letter reads:
“These past 20 months have been an ordeal to say the least. From court drama to safety issues to just the woes of incarceration itself, this has been a trying process. Yet, even within the darkness of a cell, cut off from the world, some light could still be seen. Your letters, donation,s and noisy solidarity were things of beauty to eyes forced to view the despair of a broken system day after day and eyes that could not help but watch as any glimmer of hope faded from so many youths as they were dehumanized by the tortuous conditions in which they were forced to dwell. Your zines brought much needed and often obscured information into a citadel of ignorance and fear, your books lifted the weight of monotonous oppression, and your donations aided in the welfare of so many with nothing but the state to care for them. A parcel of food here or some cosmetics there so often mean the difference between another night spent hungry or unclean and a good night’s rest, and never doubt the weight of one’s spirit in a time of need. Sadness, loneliness, and a lack of basic human needs often crush that vital spark necessary for a meaningful, productive, life and sadly press those “corrected” into a self-defeating cycle of unchecked violence or harsh drug use.

For so much I am thankful for the supporters, but of greatest importance was the solidarity. Your constant stream of letters and cards not only kept myself sane, but also gave tangible, physical proof of solidarity which revealed the tremendous weight of the conviction of people from the real world who likewise are willing to make a stand against the far too often accepted evils of the world, to an incarcerated populace who had often not heard of such people before. The attention brought by the constant stream of mail peaked curiosity and drove many to question what was going on. This in turn lead to discussions, which in turn lead to some longer discussions that I hope have made a difference in at least a few lives over the course of my stint of incarceration.

Now that I am free I am no less thankful for everything I have received from our amazing support network, which is in itself a testament to the will of a people willing to sacrifice to make a change. A support network populated by good hearted, noble people who have often suffered first hand under the weight of unchecked and unopposed malice. Thank you once again for everything you have done and continue to do; you are indeed an amazing people.

In Solidarity,
John Tucker”

While John is now out of prison, he undoubtedly needs the kind of support that those nearest to him can provide. At the same time, three of the Tinley Park Five remain imprisoned. Please take this time to write to them. Their addresses are:

Cody Sutherlin M34021
Robinson Correctional Center
13423 East 1150th Avenue
Robinson, Illinois 62454

Dylan Sutherlin M34022
Centralia Correctional Center
Post Office Box 7711
Centralia, Illinois 62801

Jason Sutherlin M34023
East Moline Correctional Center
100 Hillcrest Road
East Moline, Illinois 61244

"Μη συστημικός φασισμός" - Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:52
ή παίζοντας με τις λέξεις
Άρθρο του Φώτη Τερζάκη - αναδημοσίευση από το 2ο τεύχος της πολιτικής επιθεώρησης "Κοινωνικός αναρχισμός" που κυκλοφόρησε τον Νοέμβρη του 2013 με κύρια θεματική τον φασισμό.

O Pensamento Político de Errico Malatesta - Tue, 02/11/2014 - 11:40
Esse texto divide-se em quatro partes fundamentais para a apresentação do pensamento político de Malatesta: a.) breve exposição da vida do autor, do ambiente político em que ele esteve inserido e seus principais interlocutores; b.) discussão teórico-epistemológica, que distingue ciência de doutrina/ideologia e, assim, métodos de análise e teorias sociais do anarquismo, noção que será aplicada à própria exposição do pensamento malatestiano; c.) elementos teórico-metodológicos para a análise social; d.) concepção de anarquismo e posições estratégicas.

Ζαπατισμός - λατινοαμερικανικός κύκλος αγώνων - Mon, 02/10/2014 - 08:48
Είκοσι χρόνια μετά την εξέγερση του 1994, το πρόταγμα αυτονομίας και οριζοντιότητας των Ζαπατίστας έχει φτάσει να καθορίζει έναν κύκλο αγώνων σε ολόκληρη την ήπειρο.

Palestina-Israele, la lotta unitaria prosegue più sicura e senza illusioni - Sun, 02/09/2014 - 21:10
Report del 04.02.14
All'inizio la lotta unitaria si focalizzava sul muro della separazione. C'erano nuove adesioni e molti villaggi lasciavano la lotta tradizionale. La speranza di una diffusa ed ampia lotta popolare non si era realizzata, ma stavano iniziando nuove lotte che facevano rete con azioni di lotta unitarie più sporadiche. Recentemente la rete delle lotte popolari unitarie ha promosso azioni cadenzate e quella di Ein Hajla è la seconda. La lotta incessante ha attratto l'attenzione internazionale e dato la base essenziale per la campagna B.D.S. La lotta persistente ha visto i suoi semi nel fermento sotterraneo che può erompere senza avvisaglie nelle condizioni appropriate. La persistenza e l'avvicinarsi della valanga B.D.S. danno energia agli attivisti più lungimiranti. []

Azione di Forza - Sun, 02/09/2014 - 20:56
Lo sgombero ad Ancona di Casa de Nialtri e la deportazione dei suoi abitanti è un atto di forza politico ed istituzionale da condannare.
Ai rifugiati e senza casa deportati a San Marcello, ai denunciati e a tutti coloro che si sono impegnati in questi giorni di lotta va la nostra solidarietà.

De la Autodefensa a la Insurrección Masiva: A preguntas esenciales, respuestas precisas - Sun, 02/09/2014 - 14:34
Lo cierto es que trata de una respuesta legitima al sufrimiento de años de violencia en manos del crimen organizado con el auspicio cínico del gobierno. Lo que pase lo decidirán los pueblos.

Η θεωρητικοποίηση των ιστορικών εμπειριών - Sun, 02/09/2014 - 10:29
Η ιστορία είναι ένα ακόμη πεδίο μάχης μεταξύ των πολλών που υπάρχουν στον ταξικό πόλεμο. Δεν πρόκειται απλώς για ένα ζήτημα ανάκτησης της μνήμης των ταξικών αγώνων του παρελθόντος αλλά και μια μάχη για την ιστορία από επαναστατική σκοπιά, δηλαδή από την σκοπιά της υπεράσπισης των ιστορικών συμφερόντων του προλεταριάτου, η οποία δεν μπορεί να είναι άλλη από την θεωρητικοποίηση των ιστορικών εμπειριών του διεθνούς εργατικού κινήματος.

NATO 3 Not Guilty of Terrorism! Convicted of Possession of Incendiary Device Charges and Facing 30 Years

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Sat, 02/08/2014 - 16:53

On Friday, February 7, 2014, the jury in the NATO 3 trial returned its
verdicts against Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, and Brian Jacob Church.
These three had been held in Cook County Jail in Chicago since they were
arrested on May 16, 2012. They faced trumped up, politically motivated
terrorism, conspiracy, and arson charges because of their perceived
politics and political activities (mostly through the Occupy movement).

The cops and prosecutors had demonized them from the beginning as
violent anarchists and domestic terrorists who needed to be locked away
for decades because of their nefarious intents to terrorize the city of
Chicago. We knew all along that they had been targeted as part of a
broad campaign of state repression against activists, particularly
anarchists. We knew all along that they had been singled out to send a
message to us all that any dissent will be severely punished, that any
step outside of the bounds of the mainstream power structures will be
met with fierce consequences.

The jury did not buy the state’s lies about our comrades being
terrorists. They acquitted the NATO 3 of all the terrorism charges:
conspiracy to commit terrorism, material support for terrorism,
possession of an incendiary device with the intent to commit terrorism,
possession of an incendiary device with the knowledge that someone else
intended to commit terrorism. They also acquitted them of the
solicitation to commit arson charge.

Yet the jury played its role in the criminal legal system by finding
them all guilty of possession of an incendiary device with the intent to
commit arson and possession of an incendiary device with the knowledge
that another intended to commit arson. They also found them all guilty
of mob action, a lower-level crime that was offered to the jury as an
alternative to the conspiracy to commit terrorism and material support
for terrorism charges. The possession charges carry a maximum sentence
of 30 years in prison.

We can celebrate the victory over the state’s worst lies and their
defeat on their own battlefield, but we must not forget that these three
individuals are still being made to pay the price for our resistance. We
do not know how long they will continue to be held captive by our
enemies, but we do know that we will continue to stand in solidarity
with them and fight for their freedom until each of them walk out of the
prison gate.

Free the NATO 3!
Free all political prisoners and prisoners of war!
Destroy all prisons!
Smash the state!

The NATO 3 will be sentenced on Friday, February 28 at 2pm. We will send
word in the near future about ways you can show your solidarity for
them, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we are asking for donations for
their support needs in case they will be kept from us for many years to
come. They also need to
hear from comrades around the world that they are not alone!

Brent Betterly
PO Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608

Brian Church
PO Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608

Jared Chase
PO Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608

NO al TTIP - Sat, 02/08/2014 - 08:58
Quale mercato, quale democrazia, quale uscita dalla crisi?
Il Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (Ttip), il trattato in corso di ratifica che vorrebbe creare tra Usa e Ue la più consistente area di libero scambio mai tentata nel pianeta (coprirebbe circa il 60% delle economie mondiali) sta per essere ratificato in questi giorni e deciderà delle nostre vite se non nasce una mobilitazione dal basso per contrastarlo.

Να ακυρώσουμε τα αντικοινωνικά σχέδια - Sat, 02/08/2014 - 08:51
του κράτους και των εταιρειών στην Καβάλα
Σε μια πόλη όπου, η ανεργία, η φτώχεια, τα λουκέτα, η μετανάστευση κι η έλλειψη ελπίδας για το μέλλον, συνθέτουν την πραγματικότητα χιλιάδων πολιτών, η εξουσία των εταιρειών (πολυεθνικές) αναδιαρθρώνεται κι αναπτύσσεται (μεγιστοποίηση κερδών, υπερσυσσώρευση κεφαλαίου) επιβάλλοντας την απόλυτη κυριαρχία της.

Jusqu'à quand continuent-ils d'assassiner des leaders, des paysans, des femmes, des jeunes et des ho - Fri, 02/07/2014 - 23:28
En Colombie, les menaces contre des leaders
Le gouvernement de Juan Manuel Santos, se réfugie sous un système répressif. La responsabilité des institutions est de défendre les citoyens, mais il semble que cette théorie soit morte et qu'il existe plutôt un continum mortis en Colombie

Monday Move call-in continues 2/3/14

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Mon, 02/03/2014 - 14:57

Call The Pa Parole Board this Monday February 2nd and demand the release of The Move 9. The parole boards denial of parole for The Move 9 is outright illegal and can no longer continue. Parole is based on your prison records and not the issue of nature of the crime.

So don’t forget to call the parole board this Monday at (717) 772-4343 call them and question them into the fact that

(1) Why are their two former police officers Randy Feathers and Lloyd White sitting over the parole hearings of a case that centers around the frame up and murder of a police officer? This is a complete conflict of interest .

(2) Why is the parole board overlooking the recommendation of parole by the wardens and superintendents of these prisons that The Move 9 are in?

(3) Do The police have a deciding factor in the parole review of The Move 9?

Everyone is doing a good job out here so let’s keep the pressure on

MOVE 9/Mumia Media Month!

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Sun, 02/02/2014 - 22:15

As part of a three stage strategy to bring our comrades home, We’ve announced February to be MOVE 9/Mumia Media Month.

There are already a few awesome upcoming events, and we encourage Move and Mumia supporters in other parts to host events in their communities. If you’re interested in signing on to Move Media Month, please drop an email to denverabc[at] with a date/time and description of your event and we will add it to the list.

Upcoming Move 9/Mumia events:

-Wednesday February 12th:
Ramona Africa will be speaking on the case of The Move 9 and will
Feature a film screening of The 1978 Move Confrontation in Philadelphia .
7:00pm @ Bluestockings Radical Books
172 Allen Street (between Stanton and Rivington Streets)
New York, NY 10002

-Saturday February 15th:
Mumia Film Festival, featuring Mumia Abu Jamal. Admission $10 Donation.
12:00pm @ The National Black Theater in Harlem NYC
2031-2033 National Black Theater Way (5th Ave between 125th And 126th Streets)
New York, NY 10035

-Wednesday February 19th:
Featuring Ramona Africa, Cornel West, and Mark Lewis Taylor
In a discussion on Religion, Rebellion, and Move.
6:00pm @ Medgar Evers Colledge
1650 Bedford Ave. (between Carroll and Montgomery streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11225 ‎

-Saturday February 22nd:
Denver ABC will be hosting a film screening of The 1978 MOVE Confrontation in Philadelphia, followed by discussion.
2:30pm @ Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library
2401 Welton St
Denver, CO 80205

The PA DOC has held our comrades captive for over 30 years, for crimes that they are proven innocent. Let’s bring them home…

Chuck Africa transfered 1/27/14

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Sun, 02/02/2014 - 03:15

Ona Move Everybody!

We just want to let everyone know that this past Monday our brother Charles Sims Africa, was transferred from SCI Retreat in Pennsylvania and is now in SCI Dallas .The transfer went OK and the best part is that Chuck is now with Delbert and Phil Africa at SCI Dallas.

Chuck hasn’t seen Delbert and Phil since 1989 and 1991 respectively . So this is indeed good that they are all together now the next step is to bring The Move 9, Mumia, and all Political Prisoners home so we still have work to do.

You can send Chuck a letter of support at his new address

Charles (Sims) Africa


SCI Dallas

1000 Follies rd

Dallas, PA 18612

For more info visit Move 9 Parole

NATO 3: Undercover Cop “Gloves” Continues Testimony, More Tomorrow

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Thu, 01/23/2014 - 04:44

Undercover cop Nadia Chikko, aka “Gloves,” spent the day on the stand giving testimony about a litany of audio recordings from the wires that she and the other undercover cop involved in this case, Mohmet (“Mo” or “Turk”) Nguyen, wore while infiltrating the Chicago activist community and targeting these defendant. The state has introduced 55 audio recordings into evidence. Chikko’s testimony went through more than 30 of the recordings today, with the remaining expected to be covered tomorrow.

Her testimony and the audio recordings clearly show the ways the undercovers consistently pushed the defendants to turn their rambling conversations into plans to commit illegal acts. They also consistently talked big about themselves to make themselves sound experienced, militant and “down.” While doing so, they pushed the defendants for information about other people, planned protests and other events. They also invited themselves over to hang out with the defendants in the apartment they were staying at, offering to bring beer with them. Some of the recordings included conversations from inside the apartment that was later raided. In one of these, Mo helped take photos of activists wearing masks and holding legally owned items such as novelty knives and a compound bow.

The testimony so far will likely sound eerily familiar to people who are familiar with police infiltration of activist communities and movements for social justice. Even based on her narrative of the case so far, it’s clear that the defense was right when arguing in opening statements that the Illinois terrorism statutes are charges looking for defendants.

After Chikko’s testimony is complete, defense attorneys for each of the defendants will have their chance to cross-examine her and punch holes into her narrative.

Court will resume tomorrow morning at 10:30am, so all members of the public need to be seated by 10:15am. We urge everyone to arrive early, as the courthouse tends to be busy in the morning and everyone must pass through two security screenings to enter Courtroom 606. You can now register to attend trial the same day you wish to attend, so please join us tomorrow and help us pack the courtroom for the NATO 3!

Not able to attend court? You can still support the NATO 3 by organizing a trial solidarity event for them, writing them letters and donating to their legal fund! See for more info!

Opening Statements Conclude, Undercover Cop “Gloves” Begins Testimony

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Thu, 01/23/2014 - 04:35

The NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, Brian Jacob Church—started their trial today with a full complement of defense attorneys and a courtroom packed with supporters. The prosecutors started off the opening arguments and were immediately followed by the defense attorneys. After the lunch recess, an audio technician who enhanced the audio on a number of tapes that make up a key part of the state’s alleged evidence against the three defendants testified that he had enhanced the audibility of the tapes but not altered the content in any way. His testimony was immediately followed by Chicago Police Officer Nadia Chikko, known as “Gloves” during her infiltration of the Chicago activist community.

The court proceedings ended part way through her testimony and court will resume at 10:30am tomorrow. All members of the public must be seated by 10:15am, so we encourage everyone planning on joining us in packing the courtroom to arrive early so they have time to pass through the two security screening processes required to get into Courtroom 606.

Prosecution Opening Statements

Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew Thrun handled the state’s opening statement, clearly attempting to paint the defendants as dangerous terrorists bent on attacking the city. His statement closely paralleled the bond proffer in this case (see for this and other court documents). In sum, he alleged the defendants came to Chicago to get in the media spotlight. They traveled together from Florida with weapons, tactical vests, and other equipment to enact a plan. They also set about recruiting people familiar with Chicago to help them with their plan. Thrun argued that they discussed a variety of plans, including shooting an arrow with a note attached through a window of the Mayor’s house and building a homemade mortar out of PVC pipe, but nothing satisfied them until they decided to build Molotov cocktails. Once they had done this, the undercover cops who had infiltrated their group got a search warrant approved and then raided the house where the Molotovs had been assembled. The jury would be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that these three defendants had intended to terrorize the city, had materially supported each other in committing terrorism, and conspired to commit terrorism.

Defense Opening Statements

The defense attorneys wasted no time in refuting the state’s claims. Sarah Gelsomino of the People’s Law Office began the defense opening statements. Gelsomino and Michael Deutsch represent Jacob. Gelsomino acknowledge that “terrorism” is a big, scary word and that it naturally leads people to fear for themselves, their families, and their communities. But this case is not a terrorism case at all and there is no credible evidence that the defendants ever posed a threat to anyone, she argued. Jacob became involved in Occupy because he felt unsure of his future and was concerned with government actions to support the rich at the expense of the poor and working class. As a novice in political protest, he educated himself on summits like NATO on the internet and became fearful of police violence. He was also in a vulnerable position, as he was insecure and struggling with chemical dependency issues. The cops exploited his situation because they were under pressure to make arrests and had been infiltrating the Chicago activist community looking for anarchists since February 2012 with no luck until then. Thus, the undercovers pushed the defendants to assemble Molotovs, even buying the gas for them. The defendants themselves never had a plan to build or use Molotovs. They never had the intent to commit terrorism.

Lillian McCartin made the next statement as co-counsel, along with Molly Armour and Paul Brayman, for Brent. She opened her statement with the image of a man stepping out into a chilly Chicago evening to make a phone call to ask what to do with four Molotovs. This man was Chicago Police Officer Mohmet Nguyen, known to the activists he had infiltrated as “Mo.” McCartin said that Brent had joined Occupy when he was down on his luck and had found a home and a way to make the world better for himself and his young son. Through going to different Occupy encampments and protests, he saw cops harass and brutalize people, which made him grow distrustful of them. He was also new to large political protests and unfamiliar with cities like Chicago where millions of dollars are spent on security before summits like NATO. He also met the undercovers after he had arrived in Chicago and these undercovers set up meetings with the defendants and brought beer with them to the meetings, fueling drunken comments and bragging. On the night of May 16, Mo and Gloves brought beer with them to an apartment in the Bridgeport neighborhood and started working their plan to create some reason to make an arrest. They had been frustrated by the lack of anything happening or any plan being made, so they were getting desperate. The evidence will show, McCartin argued, that there was no plan or intent to commit terrorism and that the only just verdict is a not guilty verdict.

The final defense opening statement was made by Tom Durkin, co-counsel with Joshua Herman for Jared. Durkin submitted to the jury that they would clearly see that there is no evidence of terrorism in this case and that the Illinois terrorism statutes were charges looking for defendants. He also argued that the evidence will show that the investigation in this case began as early as September 2011, not in early 2012 as the state had said. He also said that it is curious that this is a state case and not a federal case, like nearly every alleged terrorism case. Chicago is also a dangerous place for anarchists and for the First Amendment, going back to the police cracking people’s skulls at protests in 1968 to the Haymarket incident. This investigation into the Chicago activist community was spurred by incidents in Vancouver, Canada allegedly involving the Black Bloc and dangerous anarchists. The cops needed a lawful purpose for infiltrating Occupy Chicago and spent many hours surveilling people, running license plates, and going to different events in their search for anarchists. The cops were looking for a threat to justify the expenditures on the NATO summit, particularly after the G8 summit changed locations and there was no longer coinciding summits being planned. Thus, the cops had motives for shaping this case and making an agreement to commit illegal acts. Since conspiracy charges require an agreement and an agreement with the police is not enough, the evidence will show that there was no conspiracy to commit terrorism. He also argued that they never intended to intimidate or coerce a significant portion of the civilian population, a key component of the terrorism charge.

Testimony by Nadia Chikko, aka “Gloves”

The court proceedings today concluded with the first part of testimony by the undercover cop known as “Gloves.” She provided quick and lengthy responses to Assistant State’s Attorney John Blakey’s questions about her undercover investigation. Many of her responses received objections from the defense because she was jumping ahead and providing narratives that were not asked for by the questions; some of these objections were sustained and some were overruled. She testified that she was put on a 90-day undercover assignment in February 2012 and started attending protests and other activist events. She had met an activist at the Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic closure protests in mid-April 2012 and, through him, met the defendants. She then went into detailed narratives of her conversations with Jacob, claiming that he instigated contact with her and Mo. Her testimony closely followed the bond proffer, even to the extent of using some of the exact quotes that Thrun had used in his opening statement and that the prosecution has used repeatedly in various motions and replies throughout this case. The prosecution entered a number of photographs and a Guy Fawkes mask into evidence during this testimony. Court ended when the prosecutor was ready to shift into the audio recordings the state has entered into evidence. These recordings and further testimony are expected to begin the proceedings tomorrow morning at 10:30am.

NATO 3: Reportback from first day of trial

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Tue, 01/14/2014 - 16:13

Jury selection in the NATO 3 conspiracy and terrorism case began this morning and continued until the late evening. In the morning, the prosecution announced that two charges (Counts 10 and 11) had been dropped. These were both unlawful use of a weapon charges. The defendants are now heading towards trial with 9 counts instead of the 11 they have faced since they were arrested
in May 2012.

Jury selection will resume in the morning. The judge also stated that the trial itself will commence with opening statements on Tuesday, January 21st, so stay tuned for more information and plan to start packing the courtroom then!

The defendants seemed to be in good spirits and engaged in the jury selection process (to the extent they can be in this thoroughly disempowering system), despite the long hours today. Please take a moment to write* them a note of solidarity today to let them know you’ve got their back!

We also still need funds for legal expenses, so please donate today and start organizing your solidarity event to support them through trial. See for addresses, donation info, and our call-out for solidarity events.

Also, we have changed our web presence to focus specifically on supporting the NATO 3 through trial.

Email announcements: email

Move 9 parole: Call-in to the Parole Board Every Monday!

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Mon, 01/13/2014 - 07:33
From move 9 parole: CALL EVERY MONDAY throughout Spring 2014:
Board of Probation and Parole: (717) 772-4343


Use these talking points when speaking with the Board to pressure them to do the right thing and parole the Move prisoners:

*[She/he/they] meet all of the reasonable standards for parole including recommendations from the prison authorities where they are incarcerated.

*[She/he/they] have excellent prison records, have kept down racial and gang violence in prison, helped inmates fight drug addiction, helped parents establish relationships with their children on the outside, and have been an overall positive influence on the prison population, both staff and inmates.

*[She/he/they] have served over 35 years of a 30-100 year sentence for third-degree murder even though the average sentence for that charge is 10-15 years.

*I am concerned about optional stipulations that the Parole Board may require, which I feel are unfair, and which many legal scholars contend is a violation of First Amendment rights. In the past, as a condition for parole, these prisoners have unfairly been required to renounce the religious organization they belong to, Move.

*I am concerned about the “taking responsibility” stipulation which basically asks a prisoner to admit guilt in order to be granted parole. [Prisoner(s) name] have always maintained their innocence and there is evidence that corroborates that the shot was from a police officer rather than any of the individuals currently incarcerated. It is unfair to require this stipulation from any prisoner who maintains innocence.

*I am also concerned about the “serious nature of the offense” stipulation. The judge took the nature of the offense into consideration when the sentence was issued so that barring misconduct, new charges, etc. [she/he/them] was to be released on their minimum.

*Since two of the members of the PA Parole Board (Randy Feathers and Lloyd White) are former police officers, this leads to bias against [she/he/them] and needs to addressed so that their right to parole is not compromised

*[She/he/they] have now spent most of their lives in prison, and the recidivism rate for people released at [her/his/their] age is very low. All of the Move members that have already been released from prison have not recidivated.

Since the prison system insists on having DIN numbers to reference, make sure to have them when you call.  The dates listed indicate when their next hearing should be held, and you can call the Parole Inmate Inquiry line at 717 772-4343 to verify their next parole date.

Charles Sims Africa #AM4975 (November 2014)
Debbie Sims Africa #OO6307 (August 2016)
Delbert Orr Africa #AM4985 (August 2015)
Edward Goodman Africa #AM4974 (November 2015)
Janet Holloway Africa #OO6308 (August 2016)
Janine Phillips Africa #OO6309 (August 2016)
Michael Davis Africa #AM4973 (November 2015)
William Phillips Africa #AM4984 (August 2015)

Make sure to have a paper and pen handy when you call, so you can write down who you spoke with and what their response was. This info can be sent to the Move Organization: onamovellja[at]

Inmates strike to protest Alabama prison conditions

Denver Anarchist Black Cross - Thu, 01/09/2014 - 20:55

From Corporate Media:

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Prisoners in three different state prisons think it is time they get paid for doing kitchen work, laundry and maintenance tasks. In protest of not being paid for institutional work, some have refused to report for work at three different facilities since the weekend.

The inmates are also seeking better living conditions and a revamping of the parole system. They said prisons are too overcrowded. State prisons are operating at almost double the capacity they were built to hold.

The protest started Sunday in Atmore at Holman Correctional facility, then on Monday, the peaceful protest spread to St. Clair Correctional in Springville and Elmore Correctional. On Tuesday, all of the Elmore inmates returned to work and some followed suit in Holman, but the protest continued at St. Clair Correctional on Tuesday.

Some inmates have posted videos on YouTube as part of their movement, but officials would not comment on this and said they are open to discussing issues about the food at the facilities. Posting the videos would constitute a felony charge against a prisoner because cell phones are considered to be contraband inside prison walls.

Department of Corrections Spokesperson Brian Corbett said the protest may not be the best course of action because some of their complaints are things the department has no control over, such as altering terms of parole and sentences. He suggested the prisoners should make lawmakers aware of their concerns.

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